How High Can Kittens Jump?

When it comes to making a garden cat-safe, many cat owners ask themselves: How high can a cat jump? We clarify!

How Do Cats Jump So High?

How high a cat can jump depends on your constitution, experience, and age. Because even in the feline world there are those who are grumpy about exercise or those who are scared and prefer to forego high jumps. If we assume an adult, fit cat, it can jump up to 1.80 m high. The sportier the cat, the higher jumps are possible. Fit cats can jump five times their body length. Cats like jumping in the game. But don’t overdo it by tricking your cat into particularly high jumps. In the heat of the moment, the risk of injury is increased and in the long run, the artificially induced jumps can damage the joints.

Kitten Jumping

Does your velvet paw prefer to just jump on the 40 cm high bed? No problem! Some four-legged friends are less good jumpers than others. Overweight cats get up less easily because of the extra pounds.

Older cats often have osteoarthritis and do not like jumping because it is painful for them.

The sense of purpose also diminishes with age. Even the seat of a sofa can be difficult to reach for a senior on four paws. If the jump fails, this can lead to injuries such as sprains or torn claws. Support old cats with self-made climbing aids made of cardboard or wood. There are special cat stairs and scratching posts for cats that can no longer jump.

How High Should a Cat Fence Be?

If you want to secure your balcony or garden, appropriate fences should be at least two meters high. An inwardly angled fence also increases security. Inquire beforehand whether you need a building permit for the fence. If you live for rent, you should ask your landlord for permission before installing the fence. Make sure that there are no climbing aids such as trees or chairs near the fence. By the way: The fact that fit cats can jump high does not mean that the other way around, they always fall safely. Cats can sustain serious injuries if they jump from several meters in height. Falling from a small height can also be dangerous if the cat falls with its back first. Because then she doesn’t have enough time to turn around and land on her four paws.

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