How Much Do Beagles Cost?

Name: Beagle
Other names: English Beagle
Country of origin: UK
Life span: 11-15 years
Temperament: Gentle, Intelligent, Even Tempered, Determined, Amiable, Enthusiastic
Height: Male: 36 – 41 cm; Female: 33-38 cm
Weight: Females: 10-11 kg; Males: 9-10 kg
Color: Tri-color, Chocolate Three, White and brown-tan, Red and white, Brown and White, Lemon and White, Orange and White
Price of puppies: $500 – 800USD
Hypoallergenic: No

The Beagle is one of the world’s dog breeds classified as a hound. It often falls into the top ten of the most popular dogs in the USA, Japan, and its popularity is growing every year. Breed standard: large dome-shaped head, large brown eyes, large drooping ears, muscular body, and somewhat bushy tail-tassel. Coat quality and color. Short, close-fitting coat, harsh to the touch; black, white, hound liver color, red & white, lemon.

Neck and throat. The neck of the beagle is of medium length, comes out freely and easily from the sloping, not heavy shoulders. The neck should not be wrinkled, although a slight crease under the jaw is permitted. Thick, short, loose neck with pronounced dewlap or concave upper shoulder line. As well as light dewlap and skin folds.

Beagle dogs, due to their small size, are easy to train, they say “free and restless like the wind”. Attractive, good-natured, all the time in action, charming, lively, with a quick reaction, their exhilarating, melodic barking is increasingly welcomed by people and makes them a family favorite. In a group, beagle dogs are noisy and very fond of barking. They need to be fed one by one to wean them from this bad habit.

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