How Often Should You Bathe a Dog?

Opinions are divided on the question of how often a dog can be washed. Once a week or less? The opinion that the animal should be washed as rarely as possible – only if the dog stinks – persists among dog owners. After all, the dog’s skin has a special layer of fat that not only protects the four-legged friend from the cold but also repels dirt and moisture. If you use too aggressive shampoo, you will damage this layer. But dog hairdressers swear by mild dog shampoos that even allow daily bathing. The fact is: in some situations, you cannot avoid a wash.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

  • Regular bathing only temporarily prevents the dog from developing its own odor;
  • Brushing out the fur in the first step makes some bathing unnecessary. Concentrate on the stained area, not all of the fur;
  • For washing, you should only use special care products for dogs with a suitable pH value.

The Skin of the Dog

Your loyal four-legged friend is well-armed against any weather. He owes this not only to his thick fur but also to a special layer of fat on the skin. This protects it from heat, cold, and moisture and has a dirt-repellent effect.

In addition, the loyal companion exudes its own scent through the skin. This is his personal calling card. The odor-sensitive conspecifics identify the four-legged friend via its scent and draw conclusions about its health and state of mind. A healthy fur nose only smells slightly “like a dog”. You as the owner can only perceive your own smell if you bring your nose close to the dog’s fur.

Additional Dog Washing Only in Exceptional Cases

A fur nose spends a lot of time cleaning itself. With the tongue, it reaches almost all places that are soiled in the daily routine. Therefore it is generally not necessary to wash the dog.

But the dog is descended from the wolf. The natural hunting instinct leads many four-legged friends to wallow in the carrion or excrement of other animals at every opportunity. In this way, they whitewash their own smell and are not immediately recognizable as hunters for potential prey animals. It is not a nice experience for dog owners when the animal carries the intrusive smell home with them. The wish that the dog should now be bathed is all too understandable.

Wash Your Dog: Use a Special Shampoo

The owners of long-haired or small dogs, sometimes also puppies, are often forced to wash their four-legged friends. They quickly get dirty when walking on rainy days and the fur becomes matted with the dirt. The specialist trade offers special dog shampoos for this purpose. These are particularly mild and often contain lipid-replenishing ingredients that support the four-legged friend’s fat layer during regeneration.

When choosing a dog shampoo, avoid using perfumed products. These unnatural smells are irritating to dogs. Incidentally, the perfume only briefly whitewashes the dog’s own odor. If you get the impression that your dog smells badly and constantly, it could indicate an illness. He should then be examined by a veterinarian.

How to Wash the Dog: Home Remedies

In the case of light soiling, it may be sufficient to let the fur dry and then comb it out with a dog brush. Stubborn dirt stains or unpleasant smells after a roll in on the walk can be showered with clear, lukewarm water from the dog’s fur.

Prepare your shower or bathtub with a dark towel on which your four-legged friend stands. Many four-legged friends find the bright and smooth ceramic background of the bathroom furnishings frightening. You cannot correctly estimate the distance to the ground and cannot hold your paws.

If you feel the need to groom your pet’s coat with shampoo, under no circumstances should you use your own shower products? These are too aggressive for the dog’s skin and dry it out. Even particularly mild care products and baby shampoos are not suitable for dogs. Refrain from experimenting with other home remedies and prefer to go directly to refatting, unscented dog shampoos from specialist retailers.

Do Not Overdo It When Washing Your Dog

Meanwhile, the trade offers many shampoos, which guarantee species-appropriate care of the dog’s coat. However, you should not wash your four-legged friend too often. Its natural cleaning mechanism is usually sufficient for a long, healthy dog life.

Bathing is initially a frightening experience for many four-legged friends and should be practiced from puppy age if possible. Prepare your dog for the bath in peace. Give it time to get used to the surface and the shower jet. Then bathing will be a pleasure for your dog.

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