How to Prepare for a Puppy

A new full member of the family is about to appear in the house – a cute little puppy. What needs to be prepared for his arrival so that the baby is as comfortable as possible?


What you need to buy before a puppy appears

Getting ready for a puppy is both a joyful and exciting time. Do not forget what! Let’s take a look at what you might need first:

  1. Bowls. There should be at least two of them: one for water, the other for food. The size of the bowls depends on the size of the future pet. You should not purchase a huge bowl, similar to a basin, for the Chihuahua crumbs. The best materials for bowls are metal and ceramics; 
  2. Food. You can stock up on food if the pet will eat ready-made dry or wet food. You can find out about the brand of food that is ideal for the puppy from the breeder or from the veterinarian if the dog is taken into the house from the street. It is not worth buying a lot of feed for future use, because it can deteriorate or, for some reason, stop the animal’s liking; 
  3. Litter. Its size should correspond to the size of the puppy itself. It is desirable that the baby has two beddings. While one will dry after washing, the other will serve faithfully for the little dog. By the way, instead of bedding, you can use a box from household appliances, on the bottom of which you should put an old sweater or blanket. In such a box-house, the baby will be comfortable and calm; 
  4. Cell. Perhaps this is not the most important thing that a puppy may need, but nevertheless, the presence of a cage can save the animal itself from danger, and even keep the owner’s things intact. You need to choose a cage of such a size that the puppy is comfortable. That is, he should stand in a cage without any problems, lie, sit, rollover; 
  5. Collar and leash. The puppy will have to be taught to them from the very first days in the house. It is important that the animal does not have a negative attitude towards the collar and leash, and the time of walking was the most joyful time of the day; 
  6. Puppy care products. These are shampoos for bathing, and brushes, and a nail clipper, and lotions for wiping the eyes and ears. In addition, experts from the American Kennel Club remind about the need to buy a dog’s toothbrush and toothpaste, which will be required for the dog’s oral hygiene; 
  7. Toys. How can a puppy do without them? After all, if you do not purchase real toys, the little pet will find them on its own, stealing from the owner, for example, slippers or a case from glasses. Small, moderately hard rubber balls, ropes, bones, and other interesting and safe little things from the pet store can be chosen as toys for the puppy; 
  8. Tray and filler or disposable diapers. The appearance of a puppy in the house is a joyful event, but at first, there is no fly in the ointment in the form of puddles on the carpet and heaps under the bed. Adult dogs, as a rule, wait until the last, until they are taken out for a walk outside. But small puppies are not yet able to fight the urge to pee and poop. And therefore, at least for the first time, let there be a corner in the house where there will be a tray or a diaper; 
  9. Paper towels and rags. They will be needed in large quantities to clean up the baby when he spills water, writes on the floor, or, for example, eats inaccurately from a bowl; 
  10. Veterinary first aid kit. It should store means for lowering body temperature, antiseptics, adsorbents, wound healing ointments, dressings, diarrhea drugs, and other medicines. The exact contents of a puppy first aid kit should be consulted with a veterinarian.

Preparing for a puppy in the house

When thinking about how to prepare for the appearance of a puppy, you should think not only about the necessary purchases (bowls, food, shampoos, etc.). It is also important not to forget about this:

  1. The house where the puppy will live must be safe. Therefore, all the wires lying on the floor need to be removed, medicines and cleaning agents, poison from pests will have to be hidden in places where a small pet will definitely not get; 
  2. The house, where the puppy will appear from day to day, must be clean. That is, it is necessary to make a thoroughly dry and wet cleaning. By the way, you should not walk around the rooms in street shoes, so as not to leave germs and dirt on the floor; 
  3. Even before the puppy appears in the apartment, you need to decide where his place will be for sleeping and rest, where the bowls will be, and where the tray is. It is desirable that these are relatively quiet and moderately warm places so that the dog does not worry and does not freeze; 
  4. Before the puppy arrives, it would be a good idea to choose a competent and friendly veterinarian. Perhaps such a specialist will be recommended by the breeder who will sell the puppy; 
  5. If there are other animals in the house, they should be rid of external and internal parasites in advance. A small dog should not catch fleas and worms; 
  6. All puppies love to chew on various objects, even if the owner takes care of buying toys. To avoid troubles, all valuable things (gadgets, documents, wallets with money, jewelry, etc.) should now lie so that the pet does not get to them; 
  7. If there are small children in the house, it is worth explaining to them that the puppy must be handled extremely carefully; 
  8. At first, do not leave a puppy and an adult dog or cat alone. An old-timer can offend a new tenant out of jealousy; 
  9. Preparing for the arrival of a puppy in an apartment is perhaps almost as difficult as preparing for a newborn baby. Perhaps it makes sense to have a notebook where there may be schedules for feeding, walking, vaccinations, or taking medications; 
  10. The first day in the new home is the hardest for the puppy. Of course, the newly-made owner will have to be as calm, friendly, and attentive as possible so that the animal feels a kindred spirit in him.

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