Labrador Retriever: Mating

Any female dog that does not have developmental pathologies and health problems, at a certain point, becomes ready to conceive and bear offspring. The fact that the female’s body is fully ripe for this process is indicated by the onset of estrus. Find out when it starts and how it goes with Labradors.

Signs of Heat in Labradors

In a healthy Labrador dog, the first estrus occurs between the ages of 7 and 10 months. In the world of dog lovers, it is called “empty”. Competent and experienced owners know that the “empty”, and the next few heats, although they are completely natural physiological processes, should not be allowed to approach the female of the males during them.

The fact is that the body of young, still considered puppies, “girls” is not strong enough to bear and subsequently feed puppies. It will be best if the Labrador woman becomes pregnant for the first time after she is one year old.

The main signs of the onset of estrus include:

  • the presence of stains and streaks on the bedding;
  • change of mood;
  • molt that began out of season;
  • swelling of the external reproductive organs;
  • loss of appetite.

It is impossible to predict exactly how an estrous Labrador will behave. It all depends on the individual temperament and mood of the animal. Usually, on walks, the female becomes naughty, tries to break free, and runs away. Marks for males are left every 7-10 meters.

Length of Heat in Labradors

Heat is repeated every 6-8 months. This physiological process is conventionally divided into several phases:

The first lasts from 1 to 9 days.

The second is given a little less than a week. During this period, the female is ready for mating, which is confirmed by a special behavior at the sight of males – a special persistence.

The final, third stage lasts no longer than 3 days. In the course of it, the female begins to lose interest in the males and sometimes behaves aggressively with them.

Important! If fertilization did not take place, the hormonal background of the dog gradually returns to normal and life returns to its usual course.

How to Care for a Dog During Estrus

Although Labradors are recognized as one of the cleanest breeds, the owner of a female in an active phase needs to pay special attention to the pet. Experienced dog handlers advise:

To accustom the dog to the command “place” in advance. Unquestioning observance of the owner’s order will help protect furniture and carpets from dry cleaning. A well-trained female will constantly be on her bed and only dirty there. The owner is only required to replace a dirty diaper daily with a fresh one.

Purchase special diapers. They will be useful for those females who are simply impossible to keep in one place. In addition, diapers help protect the dog from bacteria and infectious agents entering the body that provoke the development of various diseases.

Keep a close eye on the dog while walking. You shouldn’t let the “girl” off the leash if you don’t want to give out cute mestizo puppies later.

Refuse to attend exhibitions. Female behavior during estrus can be unpredictable. In addition, males react to such a “bride” at any time and place. In order not to create conflict and even dangerous situations, it is better to refuse to visit places of a congestion of dogs for several weeks.

Purchase special drugs. The veterinarian can be asked to prescribe pills or drops to the female, designed to normalize the condition and behavior during estrus.

Whether or not to knit a Labrador during estrus, each owner decides for himself. The main thing to remember is that the birth of good offspring directly depends on how thoroughbred and healthy both parents will be.

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