Labrador Retriever: Weight

Love to carry your puppy on handles? Better not to accustom your pet to this kind of tenderness. Even if now it does not weigh too much and fits in your hands, very little time will pass and the situation will change dramatically. Not every man can withstand the weight of an adult Labrador, let alone women and children.

How Labradors Gain Weight

From the moment of birth and up to one year, Labrador puppies increase their body weight 10 times. If you take good care of the animal, feed it properly, and do not forget about physical activity, then the dog will not be able to gain extra pounds. If the owner cannot resist the gaze of his pet’s brown eyes and every now and then treats him with a bun or sausage, obesity and health problems cannot be avoided.

Labrador Puppies

The weight of a month-old Labrador puppy does not exceed 4 kg. By eight weeks, it doubles, by twelve it reaches the level of 12-14 kg. The period from two to three months is considered the most suitable for the baby to be taken to a new home and transferred to a different type of food.

Growth From 3 to 12 Months

Puppies who were taken to a new home from the first days begin to acquaint themselves with the world around them and gradually socialize. Up to a year, babies will actively grow, gaining weight literally every day. So, at 4 months a dog can weigh 17 kg, at 5 months 21 kg, and at 6 months 24.

Starting from six months, weight gain slows down a little, but the growth rate increases. At 6 months, a puppy can weigh 24 kg and be 50 cm in height, and at 7 months with a weight of 26 kg, it can grow to 56 cm. At 8 months, the bodyweight is usually 28 kg, at 9 – 29 kg. At 10 months, dogs reach their adult parameters – the weight of 30 kg and a height of 58 cm.

Labradors can reach their full size even at 18 months. Considered fully adults, they should not have fat, which can be avoided by regular exercise. Gastrointestinal diseases, viral and bacterial infections, genetic diseases, and pathologies associated with a malfunction of the thyroid gland can prevent puppies from reaching standard parameters.

In order for a Labrador to grow up healthy and keep up with its fellows in development, it must be regularly taken to the veterinarian for examinations, fed with high-quality products, and not forget about walking and exercise.

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