Labrador Retriever vs German Shepherd

What to do when the choice is ambiguous: if childhood dreams of having a shepherd overlap with those of today – buy a Labrador? Whom to choose, who is better and who is better? To facilitate the decision, let us remind ourselves of the basic qualities and characteristics of these two breeds.

The Nature and Needs of Labradors

Although the original purpose of the Labrador is hunting, and all his physical characteristics are adjusted for this, it is believed that the breed was intended for driving livestock. In addition, the dog does an excellent job of being a guide for blind people. Also, the Labrador is the best option for Canis therapy, because this breed is very playful, affectionate, and sociable. Even in a family with very young children, this particular dog belongs, it makes an excellent nanny.

INTERESTING! Even with active games, the Labrador will not cause harm: its mouth is “designed” in such a way as not to injure the game that it brings to the hunter. Or bites the leg of the livestock, driving the herd into one place.

But the dog’s watchdog qualities are completely absent, all strangers in the eyes of the Labrador are potential friends. There are times when the owners try to teach the Labrador watchdog skills, but at best he will bark when faced with an abnormal situation.

Also, the Labrador is used as a rescuer. Various customs and search services use the Labrador to search for drugs and other illegal substances. But, undoubtedly, the breed found its best application as a companion in ordinary families.

The Nature and Needs of German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is a service breed that is trainable and produces amazing results.

This is an obedient dog with a fairly balanced character. Her obedience increases if one person, the owner, gives commands to her, although he perceives the change of owners well – there are no problems, unlike other service breeds. For example, if a dog has a patrol life, then the mate is changed daily. And the German Shepherd copes with this circumstance perfectly.

Based on this, any member of the family can spend time at home with the dog. In general, the German Shepherd is a versatile breed: it, like the Labrador, can be used as a guide, it can be both a shepherd and a rescuer. If you ask any person: “which breed is the most reliable?” – many answers that “German”. Moreover, if the dog sees a threat to the owner or his family, then the enemy will definitely not be good, the shepherd is a formidable and serious opponent.

The German Shepherd gets along well with children and loves them, but it is important not to leave a child with her, especially a very small one alone. The dog will not especially cause harm, but anything can happen through negligence.

“Germans” require an active lifestyle, but at the same time, they get along quietly in an apartment. They perfectly understand and discern where to play and run, and where calm behavior is required.

Pros and Cons of Both Breeds

It is interesting to know the pros and cons of the breeds, although these are more likely not cons, but features that must be reckoned with.


Of the positive factors is the peculiarity of the coat. It is classified as a wild coat, but what does that mean? She, in fact, does not require special care. If the dog comes home dirty, after a while his coat will become clean, and the dirt will remain on the floor. Such self-cleaning occurs.

The same woolen coat promotes a calm walk at a temperature of minus 20. And if we talk about a shepherd dog, it does not care about outdoor maintenance, the main thing is that there is protection from the winds.

Both breeds are calm enough and do not show much aggression towards strangers. That the Labradors are that the Germans are kind and loyal to all family members. They are unpretentious in maintenance and, despite their size, take up little space in the apartment.

The breeds are fast and easy to train. They are a great choice for beginners and inexperienced dog breeders alike.

Labradors and German Shepherds are popular, a puppy is easy to purchase and choose a purebred individual.


They love to bark louder and longer.

The Labrador does not tolerate rain well, since its coat is shorter than that of the German.

Labrador also jumps well, which can be a reason to escape over the fence.

German Shepherds are prone to numerous diseases due to their hind legs. Likewise, Labradors, if obesity appears, then health problems cannot be avoided.

These dogs are not for the elderly, since one breed requires activity and a long walk, the other – attention, and training.

Dog food should be of high quality, and if your budget does not allow this, then it is worth considering.

Finally, the main disadvantage is the same wonderful coat, only during shedding it becomes a disaster for upholstered furniture, carpets, floors, and clothes. Well, and a specific smell.

Whom should you choose? The most ideal option is to purchase both! Both breeds are beautiful. Therefore, in order to stop at someone, calmly think about what goals and objectives your pet will have to a greater extent, why do you have it. Carefully research one and the other breed, their characteristics, and make a choice.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.

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