My Cat Stares at the Wall: Ghosts?

Cats have always been considered mystical and mysterious animals. At the latest when their own cat stares at the wall for hours or starts toes on a spot out of nowhere, some owners ask themselves: Has my cat seen a ghost?

Paranormal or Good Senses?

Cats hear and smell better than humans. This can lead to them noticing sounds and smells that we miss. Your cat perks up its ears attentively and stares at the wall? Perhaps the neighbor dog is strutting past it on the other side. The visual performance also differs from ours. A cat’s eyes see more than we do. Cats can perceive UV light, i.e. ultraviolet light.

This can lead to supposedly inconspicuous objects from everyday life appearing extremely exciting to them.

Because some paper or fabrics are white or monochrome for us – for the cat there is an unexpected blaze of color. This ability of perception can lead to the cat staring at places that are uninteresting from our point of view.

We’ll tell you more about how cats perceive the world and what their eyes see in this guide.

Demented Cats

Some senior cats become demented, which means: their behavior changes and cannot always be explained rationally by the owner. This way, instead of lying in the scratching post, the cat can sit upright and stare at the wall. These cats become more frightened, which may be related to a decline in their senses, especially hearing and sight. Old cats should be presented to the veterinarian regularly. With medication, may slow down the progression of dementia.

Explanation Without Ghost

We discussed what and how cats perceive the world around them – can they see ghosts or not? The answer to this question depends on whether one believes in ghosts or not. In most cases, the behavior, which is ghostly from a human point of view, can be explained without any ghost by the good senses of the house tiger. However, if you like to be scared, you can form your own opinion on the question.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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