Nebelung cat: All the Features of Your Furry Friend

The Nebelung is a personable American with the manners of a real gentleman! This handsome man behaves with royal dignity and requires sincere respect for his feline person.

The character of the Nebelung

This cat breed is very kind and responsive to its owners. The Nebelungs, like the blue Russians, are very intelligent and reserved. Usually, they allocate one host more than others. To him, she will demonstrate her feelings and come to sit on her knees. But the Nebelungs are not demanding attention. Moreover, they do not find it necessary to sit or lie on the owner’s lap. It is enough for them to be somewhere near him. That is, they are independent and strong-willed cats.

The Nebelungs are in no hurry to make friends with strangers in the house but look closely at them. But they are happy to play with the previously familiar guests. The Nebelungs do not like to spend time alone. If the owner of the pet is rarely at home and the living space is empty, there is a barn: a cat or a dog. Then the Nebelung will feel calm.

A characteristic trait of a cat is tolerance. But do not tire the animal with long training. Thanks to its hunting instinct, the Nebelung is able to analyze and make independent decisions. The owner must treat this with understanding.

Animal training takes place in the form of a game. Don’t forget to stock up on your cat’s favorite treats.

It is better to train the animal for the main owner in the house, which is allocated by the Nebelung.

Taking care of the Nebelung

If you do not pay attention to the length of the coat and the thick undercoat of the cat, the rest of the Nebelungs are not required for grooming. It is enough to comb your pet several times a week to keep the coat silky and even.

Water procedures for the Nebelungs are arranged no more than 1 time in 3 months. Experts recommend bathing them only when necessary (as they become dirty). Since these cats perfectly monitor their cleanliness on their own.

Before any bathing, the cat needs to stick bulky pieces of cotton wool into its ears so that no water gets into them. If you bathe the animal under the shower, then put a towel in the bathroom, for the stability of the cat. Since the Nebelungs do not like water treatments. Lather the pet in the direction of hair growth, using special shampoos for cats. Do not use products with a pink tint, since it has a bad effect on the shade of the Nebelung hair.

After soaping, the wool is washed very thoroughly, as it can stick together as it dries. In addition, tangles form quickly on poorly washed hair. Finish this care by drying the wool with a hairdryer while combing it out.

At least once a month, the Nibelung needs to brush his teeth using pet paste. A small brush is used. If the cat does not allow to do this, then as prophylaxis against tartar, you can feed her good dry food.

The eyes of the animal are wiped every day with a damp towel. Almost all cats of other breeds need this rule. This is natural for everyone.

You should also periodically clean your pet’s ears (at least once a month).

If there is no scratching post in the house, the Nibelung’s claws are trimmed by 1-2 mm every 4 weeks. The clippers or pliers should be sharp enough not to break the claws. It is better to trust such a thing to a professional.


Small kittens are fed 5 times a day. Over time, kittens’ meals are reduced, but portions are increased. By the first year of life, pets are transferred to two meals a day.

It is better to feed cats of this breed with high-quality industrial feed. Premium food usually contains the full range of vitamins and minerals that require the full development of the animal. In this case, the cat will not need to separately buy vitamins and minerals for feeding. Everything needed should be included in industrial products.

Natural food can also be present in the diet or be the only food for the Nebelung. Only in the second case, so that the pet’s nutrition is balanced.

It is important to exclude from the Nebelung’s diet: liver, carrots, beets, buckwheat, foods rich in iodine and copper. This is because this food significantly affects the color of the Nebelung’s coat.

How to choose a kitten

You can get a four-legged baby without defects only from experienced breeders who are engaged in breed selection. At poultry markets and in pet shops under the guise of popular cats of a suitable color. Purebred and healthy animals from nurseries will cost future owners more, but they will please with excellent immunity and health.

Nebelungs breeders recommend purchasing kittens at the age of 3 months. Toddlers have already acquired primary social skills, good health, and a balanced psyche. In addition, the potential owner will not have to think about vaccination and deworming in the near future: the staff of the nursery has already taken care of this. They will also provide a veterinary passport with supplies.

From birth, kittens can boast of a characteristic silver-blue color. Sometimes there are individuals with light gray hair or points in the form of tiger stripes, which disappear over time. The iris is pigmented yellow and takes on a green tint by the age of two. At first, the straight ears curl slightly after a few days.

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