Pomeranian Health

The Pomeranian lives 12-16 years. However, the health of the Pomeranian cannot be called very strong. Breeds are prone to a number of diseases.

Atlantoaccipital subluxation may require surgery, but conservative treatment is also possible. The consequences are difficult to predict.

Medial dislocation of the patella or congenital dislocation of the elbow joint is a congenital pathology that is dangerous due to increased injuries.

Treatment: conservative or operative.

Hypothyroidism – a malfunction of the thyroid gland – is also common in the Pomeranian.
Sick sinus syndrome is cardiovascular disease. It is difficult to diagnose because of the blurred symptoms. The dog can lose muscle control and suffer from oxygen deprivation.
Tracheal collapse is rarely diagnosed as a sudden cough may not cause anxiety in the wearer. Consequences: degeneration of tissue of the tracheal rings and a threat to the life of the dog.
Sometimes suffers from eye diseases: cataracts, entropion (eyelid deformities), progressive retinal atrophy.

Like many miniature dogs, the breed can have difficulty giving birth. Males have their own problem – testicular tumors (benign or malignant).

Also, in males, cryptorchidism can be observed – the undescendedness of one or both testicles into the scrotum.

If growth hormone is not produced, nanism is diagnosed – congenital dwarfism. The consequences can be problems with the nervous system, baldness, or bulging of the eyeballs.

Sometimes Pomeranian displays alopecia X – a disease of black skin. It causes baldness. At the same time, the pet does not feel discomfort. More often, the disease manifests itself in males than in females.

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