Pomeranian: Training

The Pomeranian has a high level of intelligence, so raising and training a Pomeranian is not a very difficult matter. But the pet’s stubbornness and self-confidence will require maximum perseverance and patience from you.

The Pomeranian is not a service dog and does not require special training. However, the basic things that will keep your pet safe and your peace of mind need to be learned. This is accustoming to a nickname, instilling cleanliness skills, various commands. Even a child over 10 years old can teach a pet, however, with your help and under your control. On our website, you will find detailed instructions for teaching the Pomeranian the basic commands.

It is necessary to start the upbringing and training of the Pomeranian on the very first day of the puppy’s appearance in the house. But do not demand everything at once. Move gradually.

Consider the nature of your pet. The Pomeranian puppy is trained exclusively in the game. However, even an adult dog cannot be “loaded” with boring monotonous requirements. The main principle is from simple to complex. Do not set tasks that are beyond your strength. The process should be enjoyable for all stakeholders.

Take time to exercise regularly, do not take long breaks. And constantly reinforce the skills already learned.

Do not splash irritation on your pet. The Pomeranian is frightened by the cry, and instead of a trained dog, you will get a frightened one. All the more, it is unacceptable to beat the dog.

Correct actions are always encouraged.

The first classes are held in quiet, familiar places where the pet is not distracted by anything. Then the situation can be diversified.

The command is pronounced clearly and calmly, always the same. Prohibitory commands are given in a menacing voice.

Do not let your pet obey strangers, otherwise, it may be stolen.

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Written by Alice White

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