Rottweiler: Height and Weight

The Rottweiler belongs to large dog breeds. Representatives of the breed have a powerful, muscular physique and rather a large size. These stately handsome men are very often called “athletes of the canine world”, and this is quite justified since they are distinguished by extraordinary endurance and strength.

Rottweiler Height and Weight

Large dogs, even at puppyhood, are distinguished by their muscular constitution and rather large, in relation to their peers in size. They have strong limbs and a muscular, voluminous body, which, as it grows, only gains size.

Important! Due to its large size, early socialization and education of the Rottweiler are imperative. The owner should definitely take care of this in advance.

Rottweiler Puppy

From birth, a small Rottweiler is distinguished by its strength and some barreliness. The baby’s body is plump, the legs are strong and muscular. By the first month of life, the dog gains about 3.5 – 4.5 kg of weight and is about 20 – 22 cm tall.

At 2 months, the baby’s weight almost doubles. The puppy weighs about 8 – 9 kg and is approximately 33 cm tall at the withers. At 3 months, the weight is approximately 17 kg, and the height is 47 – 48 cm at the withers.

Important! It should be noted that females from birth are somewhat lower and lighter than males, but still, they differ in a muscular body structure.

By six months, the dog already weighs about 35 kg and is about 60 cm at the withers. These are the parameters of an adult dog of some large breeds, but the puppy continues to grow, and only the weight of the pet is actively increasing. For example, at 9 months, the dog will already weigh about 36 – 50 kg, depending on gender, and its height will increase by only a couple of centimeters – 62 – 64 cm at the withers.

By the first year of life, when the dog is already past puberty, its height at the withers is about 63 – 66 cm at the withers. The weight of a one-year-old puppy is approximately 40 – 50 kg. In the future, the dog will only “grow up”, gaining a little weight.

Adult Rottweiler

The height of an adult Rottweiler varies depending on the conditions of keeping and the sex of the pet. So, males grow up to about 61 – 68 cm at the withers. Females are slightly shorter than their counterparts, their height is 56 – 63 cm.

The length of the dog’s body must not exceed its height at the withers by more than 15%. Thus, males are approximately 70 – 78 cm in length, and females – no more than 64 – 72 cm. In this case, the volume of the chest should exceed the size at the withers by 20%.

The weight of a pet, according to the approved standard, is:

  • males – about 50 kg;
  • females – about 42 kg.

However, it should be remembered that each animal, like a person, is individual. The numbers may vary depending on a number of factors, including the housing environment and the characteristics of the dog itself.

What Determines the Growth and Weight Gain of a Rottweiler?

A number of factors have a great influence on the parameters of an animal’s body. In particular, a lot depends on the correct selection of manufacturers. Some breeders breed dogs uncontrollably, not caring about the quality of the offspring. This leads to various disorders in the development of puppies after birth.

The height and weight of a Rottweiler are particularly influenced by:

genetic characteristics (this is one of the main criteria, if the puppy’s parents also differed in small parameters in accordance with the breed standards, most likely, the baby will also not gain in height and weight even with high-quality care and maintenance);

the quality of growing (the formation of the fetus begins in the womb, where the puppy receives many useful components and substances, which is why it is necessary to monitor the quality of the maintenance of the pregnant bitch, as well as newborn puppies);

pet diet (balanced nutrition is the key to the correct and good development of the pet, the puppy must receive all the necessary substances from food and receive vitamin supplements);

sports and training (Rottweilers are dogs that are not used to sitting still, you need to take care of their early education, completing a training course, and providing the dog with regular training in the animal playground).

It should be remembered that non-compliance with standards should only raise questions for your veterinarian. Do not immediately panic and assume that your Rottweiler is something bad or defective. Perhaps this is his individual feature and he will grow up a little later than other relatives.

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