Pug: Personality and Temperament

The sad expression on the pug’s face is deceiving. In fact, the representatives of the breed are very cheerful, lively, cheerful creatures. For thousands of years, pugs have continued to fulfill their mission as loyal companions.

Representatives of the breed are energetic and playful. The bursts of activity are short, followed by rest. Animals recuperate, lying on the master’s sofa, on a cozy couch.

Animals do not require a lot of physical activity. To maintain health and weight control, it is enough to take your pet for a walk, combining a walk with a short game, jogging. Regardless of the location of the games, you should not allow your pet to jump, which can negatively affect the health of the joints.

Pugs and Family Members

Animals require a lot of attention from the owner and family members. Moreover, animals are smart enough to understand how to attract attention. The main “weapon” is begging and a special expression of the muzzle, few can resist the desire to treat a charming creature. The pug follows the owner everywhere, observing his actions, takes part in family affairs with pleasure.

Pugs who are loving by nature get along well with children if there is no rudeness and aggression on their part. Become great companions for seniors. They are sociable and therefore do not tolerate loneliness. Staying in an empty house while the owner is at work can be stressful for the dog.

Sometimes pets are stubborn, especially when they do not like something or do not want to do, for example, swim, trim their claws. Stubbornness can be a real problem when rewarding unwanted behavior. The capricious pug is no less charming, but stubbornness is also a manifestation of dominance. If allowed, the animals will sleep in the master’s bed. By the way, during sleep, representatives of the breed snore.

Pugs are often called clowns among dogs because they love to show off, their actions are quite comical due to the peculiarities of their body structure and appearance. Charming pugs make you smile.

Animals are not prone to spoil objects, chew, bark, but some representatives can be noisy, for example, often yapping, “grunting”, snorting.

Pugs and Strangers

Friendly well-mannered pugs do not show aggression towards strangers. They love new acquaintances and in response to attention, affection, they respond with tenderness. But these small dogs have some guard qualities. And trying to protect the owner or their belongings, dogs can bark.

Pugs and Other Animals

Pugs are friendly towards other animals, usually affectionate, as they tend to be in the company of other living creatures. However, socialization, which must be started from a very early age, greatly influences loyalty to other animals.

Pug: Obedience

Training begins as early as possible. Representatives of the breed are intelligent, easy to train. The desire to please makes learning faster, but it is important to be firm and patient in the learning process. Treats will be a good motivation. The stubbornness and independent nature of the pug can make learning difficult, but if you do short (5-10 minutes per approach) and interesting activities, without frequent repetitions, you can achieve good results in training.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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