Rottweiler Training Tips

Rottweiler Puppy Training

A Rottweiler puppy needs a friendly disposition and sensitivity from each of the family members. However, the strongest ties link her with the “main” host. And the behavior of the latter depends on how smoothly the process of raising and training a Rottweiler puppy will go.

It is necessary to spend as much time with the Rottweiler puppy as possible, provide interesting active walks, including outside the city, and a variety of games.

Rottweilers are balanced dogs, sometimes even a little slow. This affects the speed of learning new skills. But once learned is stored in the memory of a Rottweiler puppy for a long time, and the commands are executed correctly and clearly.

Raising and training a Rottweiler puppy begins as soon as he crosses the threshold of your house. Puppies quickly learn the commands “Place” and “To me”. Having learned the command “Come to me” at home, you can start practicing it on a walk.

A puppy of 4 – 8 months is going through a period of independence and is often willful. If the puppy flatly refuses to follow the command “Come to me”, the owner can pretend that he is heading in the other direction – almost certainly the puppy will follow him.
After mastering the command “To me”, you can start teaching the commands “Sit”, “Lie down”, “Stand” and “Next to me”.
You also need the “No” commands. This is a prohibition on illegal actions.
The commands listed above are the bare minimum to keep your dog safe and calm. But it is not necessary to stop there – you can choose a “specialization” for the dog and continue the training process almost all his life.

Rottweiler Training Principles

All the correct actions of a Rottweiler puppy are necessarily encouraged by praise and a treat.
Never punish the dog that runs up to you!
It is best to use a long leash (10 meters) outside at first and make sure you are in control of the Rottweiler before letting your dog go free.
Do not leave your Rottweiler puppy unattended. It can get lost or stolen.
Remember that a Rottweiler puppy must love and respect its owner, obey, but not be afraid. Therefore, you cannot severely punish him.
When raising and training a Rottweiler puppy, you will have to be persistent, but avoid being rude.
Classes should be regular, this contributes to the establishment of a close psychological bond between the puppy and the owner.

Psychological and physical stress is increasing gradually. The first month of classes should be very short, at this time it is better to observe the Rottweiler puppy and notice what he likes and does better, and what requires additional effort.

Constantly analyze your successes and failures, make adjustments to the process of training a Rottweiler.
If you are at a dead-end or are afraid that you will not be able to cope on your own, do not hesitate to seek help from an experienced specialist who is familiar with the characteristics of the breed.

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