Safe Toys and Games for Kittens

Like children, kittens need safe toys to play on their own.

Pay attention to these recommendations when choosing toys for a kitten (some of them can be made by hand):

  • Choose sturdy toys with no small parts that your pet can swallow. Throw away broken toys.
  • Stock up on plenty of toys for your cat and hide them between games.
  • Offer the kitten games that allow him to throw energy not on you, but on the toy. For example, chasing a table tennis ball is a great game.
  • Tie the toy to a stick like a fishing rod, just keep the stick low enough to avoid dangerous jumps of the cat.
  • Playing with a ball of thread is dangerous because the animal can swallow the yarn.
  • Do not let your kitten play with small household items such as spools of thread, paper clips, rubber bands, rubber rings, plastic bags, clips, coins and small board game parts, because they are all very dangerous if swallowed.

In addition to toys, provide the pet with the opportunity to play with other kittens that are close in age to develop social skills.

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