Fun Games for Your Cat

Cats are very active and playful. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of games that will not leave indifferent any cat.

A wave of a magic wand

It’s no secret that cats love birds. But to be more precise, they love to hunt them. A toy in the form of a wand with feathers can be a great solution and turn a lazy cat into a desperate hunter for a few minutes. These toys can be easily found both in online stores and in most pet stores. You can also make a DIY toy: just attach the feathers or feather toy to a wooden stick with a sturdy string or ribbon!


Continuing the hunting theme, this toy will also make your pet sweat. A small (the size of a toy mouse) radio-controlled car can amuse your kitten and you while you watch the kitten run after it! Imitate the movements of a real mouse, controlling the typewriter, briefly “hiding” it under a chair or behind a sofa. Keep a close eye on your cat when playing with any electric toys: safety comes first!

Hide and seek

You can play this fun game not only with a dog! Start simple to keep the game fun and rewarding for your cat. Call her (it’s best to start with your next meal if you haven’t fed the animal yet) and wait for her to come to you. Then move from one room to another, complicating the task. Reward your pet for their efforts with a favourite toy or tasty dry food pellets. This is not only a fun game that shows how much fun it is to find an owner, but also training your animal to always be called!

Mysterious moving objects

This game focuses on the natural curiosity of the cat. You can also play it with the whole family! Tie a long rope to your pet’s favourite toy when he is not seeing (a filler mouse, rustling paper, or bottle cork will work great). Place the toy in the centre of the room and hold onto the end of the rope. Pull the rope to spin the toy and instantly grab your pet’s attention! Or slowly pull the toy towards you so that the cat comes running to scout. Make it move, but let it catch the toy before pulling it back towards you.


As in the previous game, you will need your favourite pet toy and a long rope. But this time, throw the toy over the door and hide on the other side. As in the famous children’s game “catch the prize”, you will catch your cat! Let the pet jump, trying to get the toy. Let him catch the prize before you complete the game so he can look forward to the next time. Remember that any toy on a rope should be kept out of reach of the animal while you are not playing with it so that the cat does not accidentally eat it or get tangled in the rope.

Cat parade

A place to just put food in a bowl, first go around the house and take your pet “for a walk” with his food. Give your cat a couple of scraps of food every few minutes so that she doesn’t lose interest and stop following you. It is best if you combine this procedure with feeding with a treat toy instead of the usual bowl at the end of the walk, and at other times of feeding offer canned food or dry food in a flat bowl. (Cats love to eat several times a day, so be sure to calculate the amount of food per serving to avoid overfeeding.)


  • People are not prey. Never allow your cat to catch your toes, heels, elbows, etc., as “prey” during play, otherwise, you will teach it to hunt humans as well. It is not only painful but also dangerous, not to mention how difficult it is to wean an animal from it. It may seem cute while the kitten is tiny, but when the cat becomes an adult hunter with long claws and sharp fangs, it’s not so cute!
  • Realism. Try to keep your movements realistic for your cat. Observe the actions and movements of mice or birds to repeat them while playing with your pet. You can find thousands of similar videos on the Internet.
  • Do it yourself. You can make simple toys from scrap materials with your own hands in just a few minutes. Cats get bored quickly, so change toys often or only give a toy for a few minutes. Look around: you will find many options for free entertainment! A plastic bottle cap can make a great toy that you can recycle as soon as your pet gets tired of it. Cardboard boxes can be a lock to conquest, and even an empty bottle (dry and clean, of course) can be a versatile food and treat dispenser and mental stimulus. It all depends on your imagination! An internet search will help if you run out of ideas.

Play fun, varied, but most importantly, safe.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.

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