Samoyed Dog: Healthy Diet

Feeding the Samoyed is a big question. It needs to be solved before the puppy arrives at your home. The food system of dogs is different from that of humans, so feeding the Samoyed table scraps is not the best choice.

The rules for feeding the Samoyed are largely the same as the general rules for feeding dogs.

However, there are features that are characteristic of the Samoyeds.

A puppy eats more often than an adult dog. Samoyed 4 weeks old eats 5 – 6 times a day. Gradually, the number of samoyed feedings is reduced by increasing the portion. A 7-month-old puppy can be fed twice a day. Adult dogs usually eat two meals a day.

If you choose natural Samoyed feeding, you need to correctly calculate the daily amount of the diet. This can be done using the following formula:

Samoyed weight         Daily food requirement        Samoyed Daily Diet

23 kg                            2 – 3% of the dog’s weight      460 – 700 gr.

30 Kg                                                                             600 – 900 gr.

Consider your dog’s lifestyle, activity level, body condition, and age. If the Samoyed loses weight, the amount of food is increased. If it gets fat, the ration is cut accordingly.

Meat should be at least 1/2 of the ratio. That is, if your pet receives 900 grams of food per day, 450 grams should be meat.

Before travel and physical activities, you should not feed the Samoyed – so that there is no bloating or vomiting.

Samoyeds almost do not suffer from allergies, however, an excess of fat or protein in food can give the coat a biscuit shade. If this happens, try switching to diet foods.

When choosing dry food for Samoyed, it is better to focus on super-premium food. It is desirable that the composition contains fish.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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  1. My samoyed will absolutely not eat any kind of seafood. He sniffs it, then walks away. I think its the fishy smell.
    Does not matter if its treats, dog food or frezh seafood.

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