Samoyed Dog: Care Tips

Samoyeds are unpretentious dogs. However, caring for a Samoyed has features that need to be taken into account.

Keeping the dog in good physical shape is an important part of caring for a Samoyed. Best of all, representatives of the breed will feel in country houses (not on a chain!) However, if you live in an apartment, two long walks a day for the Samoyeds is quite enough to throw out excess energy. Regular trips out of town or more active walks in the park on weekends will help keep the dog in good shape. It is better to walk a Samoyed on a long leash.

The Samoyed’s coat requires additional care. It needs to be combed out regularly (preferably daily). The armpits, the area behind the ears, and under the lower jaw are especially carefully processed – most often mats are formed there.

Samoyed’s coat has an enviable self-cleaning ability. Therefore, they do not need frequent bathing – on the contrary, water procedures with the use of detergents can wash off the water-repellent “grease” from the coat. In addition, frequent washing can cause skin diseases and colds.

Show dogs are washed, of course, quite often (once a week), but if your pet does not go to shows, you should not arrange bath days more often than 1 – 2 times a year. Better to opt for a super cleansing and whitening shampoo for a white dog. The coat is first washed well, then shampoo is used twice, followed by a conditioner, cream, and mask. Finally, rinse the coat thoroughly.

Samoyed is wiped off with a towel and then dried with a hairdryer while combing the wool in parallel.

Samoyed sheds 1 – 2 times a year (females more often), molt duration – 2 – 3 weeks. The rest of the time, coat hair does not fly around the house.

A big plus in caring for a Samoyed is the absence of a specific smell.

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