How Much Does a Samoyed Cost?

Name: Samoyed dog
Other names: Samoyed, Sammi, Bjelkier, Samoiedskaya Sobaka, Nenetskaya Laika, Smiley, Sammy
Country of origin: Northwest Russia and Western Siberia
Size Type: Medium Breed Dogs
Group: Working Dog Breed, Northern Dogs
Life span: 12 – 14 years
Temperament: Lively, Sociable, Friendly, Playful, Alert, Stubborn
Height: Females: 50–56 cm; Males: 54–60 cm
Weight: Females: 17-25 kg; Males: 20-32.5 kg
Color: Cream, White and light brown, White
Price of puppies: $600 – $3,000 USD
Hypoallergenic: Yes

The Samoyed is a Siberian breed used by semi-nomadic people called the Samoyeds to transport sleds and sleds, as well as to guard reindeer herds. The Samoyed is distinguished by its immense endurance and excellent physical qualities. European researchers have always used them when studying the polar and arctic territories. The Samoyed has an attractive Siberian appearance: strong, but not bulky and not bulky, white fur, smiling face, black shiny eyes. They are called laughing angels and the most beautiful dogs. The Samoyed has a very strong body, very fast, simply unsurpassed as a guard dog, but at the same time very kind, friendly, never creates problems, the dog can control itself. Initially, the Samoyed was used as a working dog, alert, powerful, very tenacious, noble, and elegant. Since this dog was used to work in extremely cold regions, the representatives of the breed have developed enormous vitality and in their fur coats, the dogs can withstand any harsh climate. Good decoration, excellent coat texture in harsh conditions is much more important than the amount of hair. The sternum of males is much more powerful than that of females Samoyeds have a very attractive appearance: white fur, smiling face, black and shiny eyes – all this makes the breed one of the most beautiful. Samoyeds are by nature very smart, absolutely loyal to the owner. General description: the back of a Samoyed cannot be too long – this leads to diseases, at the same time, the back cannot be short, since this adversely affects working ability. The main characteristics of the breed are strength, endurance, charm, obedience, nobility, and self-confidence. The so-called “Samoyed smile” is a unique arrangement of the eye contour, their fit, as well as a slight bend in the corners of the mouth. The gender of the dog has pronounced characteristics. Important note: The length of the body must be 5% longer than the height at the withers. The depth of the body should be slightly less than half the height at the withers. The muzzle and jaws are elongated.

As a working dog, the Samoyed has the following characteristics: alertness, flexible strength, beauty, and nobility. Samoyeds have very thick fur with a good texture. The back of a husky cannot be too long – this leads to diseases, at the same time, the back cannot be short, since this adversely affects working abilities. Breeders must adhere to the following physical standards when breeding the breed: lively temperament, medium body structure, strongly developed pectoral muscles, the chest cannot be very deep (so that the ribs do not interfere with the freedom of movement), the neck and legs are powerful. Males are muscular in appearance and behavior, but without a command, they should not show aggression. The temperament of the dog should be kind and gentle, but the body cannot be weak or sickly. The body proportions of females may be slightly longer than that of males. The appearance of a Samoyed should demonstrate its power, but not become obese. Since the chest is deep, the legs of the husky should be long. Short limbs are a reason for discarding the breed. The shoulder and thigh quarters should be well developed, the knees should be at the correct angle, and the flexion should be free from crunching. The overall appearance should also include good balance in movement and proportional body structure.

Samoyeds are very loving, kind, intelligent, and well-trained. They are confident and active. Very social, treat children and other dogs well. They require constant interaction with the owner. They are very cheerful and mischievous even in old age. The good natural characteristics of the Samoyed, coupled with the snow-white coat and external portrait, contribute to the growing popularity of this breed of dogs.

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