Samoyed Dog: Personality & Temperament

By nature, Samoyeds are charming, cheerful, gentle, friendly dogs. They smile constantly. So if you need a watchman or bodyguard, Samoyed is not the best choice. These dogs are devoid of distrust of strangers.

They never lose heart and will find a common language with any person.

Samoyeds are playful and get along well with children, even the smallest, will never offend them. At the same time, dogs are proud and full of self-esteem. You need to treat them with respect.

Samoyeds rarely get involved in fights with other dogs, but, if necessary, are able to fend for themselves.

Representatives of the breed are active but do not require excessive physical exertion. They easily adapt to any lifestyle.

It may be thought that this is the perfect companion. This is partly true, Samoyed will suit even a beginner. However, difficulties are also possible, therefore, one cannot do without some preparation, at least theoretical.

You may find it difficult to toilet train because the Samoyeds have historically lived outdoors.

Samoyed requires constant communication – not only with you and your family but with everyone around you. Some representatives of the breed categorically refuse to be alone. And they clearly inform the world about it. They, to the delight of their neighbors, can bark or howl for hours. They are able to translate their innovative ideas into the interior and give an opinion on your style of dress (and also make adjustments to it). Therefore, if you are leaving for a long time, make sure that the dog does not get bored. You may have to get one more pet – Samoyeds are not too reckless hunters and get along well with other animals, even cats.

Samoyeds are well trained, but they never lose some stubbornness and cunning. Before executing the command, they will assess how serious your intentions are and how appropriate the requested action is in their opinion. If you give up the slack at least once, it will be difficult in the future to prove that your indication is worth something.

Samoyed will quickly study you, grope for weak points, and will certainly take advantage of them to achieve what he wants. How can you refuse, looking into those shining eyes on the smiling “face”?

Samoyeds have a great attitude towards children and enthusiastically share their active life position. A pet can endure any childish pranks with truly angelic patience for a long time. Samoyeds love to play with babies.

Teach children to handle the dog properly.

Explain that the four-legged friend is a full member of the family with needs and desires that must be respected.

The dog should not be “jerked” while sleeping and eating. If a Samoyed for some reason does not want to take part in children’s fun and prefers to leave, he should be able to do so.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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