Self-Isolation and Quarantine Advice: How to Help Your Dog Get Through

The epidemiological situation makes adjustments to all aspects of life, including the life of our pets. Walks become shorter, physical activity is less, and sometimes the owner cannot leave the house at all. At the same time, stress builds up – in both humans and animals. In this article, we will talk about how to help dogs get through such a difficult period.

What Should You Think About it in Advance?

The situation is constantly changing, and it is better to be prepared for different scenarios. Therefore, it is worth considering some aspects in advance:

It is advisable to have at least a small supply of what the dog will definitely need in the near future: food, medicines, diapers.

If your pet has health problems or needs to be vaccinated and in your city, veterinary clinics do more than just an emergency appointment, you should go to a specialist right now.

Make sure to arrange with someone who can take care of the animal if you have to go to the hospital.

Walking and Toilet in Self-Isolation / Quarantine

In self-isolation mode, it is permissible to walk the dog, but, as a rule, at a short distance from the house. The exact conditions differ depending on the region – stay tuned for the news in your city. Learn tricks and new games to make outdoor activities more fun and rewarding for your dog. You can find ideas for games in the article “interesting games for the house and the street”.

If you are in quarantine, you cannot leave the apartment. Try asking for help from volunteers, neighbors, walking services to walk with your four-legged friend. If this is not possible, use the tips on how to train your pet to go to the toilet at home.

The “home toilet” can be covered with newspapers, diapers, or you can order a special artificial lawn for dogs.

Most urban dogs are taught to go to the toilet on the street, but now the reverse process is relevant. To adapt the animal to new conditions, experts recommend adhering to the following algorithm:

Select a place in the apartment where there will be a “sanitary point”, for example, a corner in the living room.

Pretend that you are going on a regular walk with your pet. Choose the same time of day: if you usually leave at 9 am, then in the conditions of the apartment “walk” at 9 am. Put a collar on your dog, take a leash, bags, treats – in short, behave absolutely as usual.

Next, go with the dog to the place allocated for the toilet. Walk around this place.

If nothing happens, take a break. Then move the toilet to another part of the room or apartment (for example, to another corner) and try again. As a result, your pet should understand what is required of him.

Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy (And Busy!) During The Quarantine

Experts recommend playing with your dog twice a day for 20 minutes. This will keep the animal in good physical shape and will not get bored.

If the living space allows, play aport. If there is nowhere to throw the ball, play in the search for food. Hide pieces of treats in different corners of the room (it is important that the dog does not see exactly where exactly), and then send him in search.

Also, quarantine and self-isolation can be a great time to learn new tricks and commands. This will strengthen your contact with the pet, and in addition, all family members can participate in the training.

During training, use only positive reinforcement – when the dog receives praise, treats, or toys for a correctly executed command. Do not apply punishment!

Take Care of Your Pet’s Health

Due to the decrease in physical activity, the animal may become overweight. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend skipping one feed and using the “saved” feed for rewards during play and exercise. You can also fill special toys with food – then the pet will need to be smart to get food.

As with humans, lifestyle changes can be quite stressful for dogs. Because of this, their behavior may change – some animals lose their appetite or desire to play, sleep deteriorates. Others, on the contrary, become hyperactive, exhibit destructive behavior, and bark more. Reward games can help in these situations.

Try to be patient with your dog during this difficult time – it is just as difficult for it as it is for you, and maybe even harder. She does not understand what is happening and why everything has suddenly changed so dramatically in her life. However, with a little effort, you can help her get through the quarantine period more easily.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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