Shih Tzu Dog: Coat Colors

Nature has awarded representatives of the Shih Tzu breed with a wide variety of coat colors. Therefore, the color is not put at the forefront by breeders. Their efforts are aimed at obtaining healthy, adequate offspring. However, when choosing a dog, the suit is still taken into account by potential owners. So what can these cute dogs be like?

Variety of Shih Tzu Colors

When the breed was previously bred in its homeland, in China great importance was attached to the color of the dog’s coat. The details of the selection were considered a state secret and were not subject to disclosure. A little later, the development of new varieties was no longer considered the number one task. New additions and goals have emerged. But colors are still taken into account at shows and competitions.

Main breeders pay special attention to obtaining new colors and shades in America. There, a similar “color” is put on stream. However, not everyone likes these activities. The fact is that representatives of other breeds are involved in breeding new colors. And this, as we all understand, spoils the gene pool and genealogies. And the color of your dog can change brightness depending on the shampoo you use.

As for the dogs that belong to the purebred category, they can be of the following colors:

Main Coat Colors

One of the most popular is gold and white. In different individuals, the intensity and percentage of both colors may vary. This option is the most common.

The second-largest number of requests for puppies is considered to be yellow, sable. More in-demand than this color, there can only be black and cream and black with a golden tan. It is these Shih Tzus that are most appreciated at dog shows.

Rare Coat Colors

The category of “exotic” usually includes:

  • a clarified version of the sable “silver”;
  • chocolate and those close to it;
  • coffee with milk or liver;
  • brindle (very rare);
  • blue.

It is extremely rare to find completely white dogs. There are no dairy, beige dogs. They should always have dark noses, lips, paw pads.

Important! Dogs with light shades of the coat may have dark marks on their faces. They are considered the decoration of the breed.

If you are offered to buy a tricolor puppy, then, most likely, this is a trick. The black pigment in which the tips of the hairs are painted will surely disappear over time. The puppy will remain with an ordinary stable color.

If you believe the standard of appearance of these four-legged, the range of their colors is limitless. Therefore, the choice always remains with the potential owner.

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