Shih Tzu Facts

The Shih Tzu is a mysterious and very unusual breed. Like all their compatriots, these dogs are distinguished by interesting conformation and temperament traits.

Few Facts about Shih Tzu

Origin. All Shih Tzus are originally Chinese dogs, but it is not known the exact place where the breed originated. The first mention of them was found in the historical monuments of the 17th century. For a long time, these miniature dogs were kept only on the territory of the imperial palace. If a puppy was noticed with one of the commoners, the whole family was put to death. These dogs came to Europe only in the XX century.

Kinship. It has been proven that this breed has much more in common with a wolf than a shepherd or mastiff. And at first glance, you can’t tell.

Psyche. It is almost impossible to unbalance a miniature dog. The breed does not belong to the category of shy. For a Shih Tzu to throw a real tantrum, you need to try hard.

Communication. All the dog itself needs is its family. Loneliness can become unbearable for a breed representative. If the owner does not pay attention to the pet for a long time, it will give him real physical discomfort.

Security qualities. Shih-Tzu doesn’t have them. Any stranger, both an adult and a puppy, will be endlessly and unspeakably happy.

Air temperature. What these pets don’t like is the heat. By the way, they also do not like the cold. Therefore, the room where Shih Tzu lives should always have a comfortable air temperature.

Class. Although these dogs are called decorative, they are companions in class. And they behave accordingly.

Anyone who wants to have such a shaggy pet in the house needs to be prepared for the fact that grooming will be endless. It is the coat that is considered the business card of all Shih Tzu. A pet will not be able to do without proper nutrition, medical supervision, and careful handling. It will gladly answer all this with love and devotion.

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