How to Choose a Husky Puppy?

Before choosing a husky puppy, honestly answer the important questions. Many people choose this breed because of its famous representatives and because the husky is now “in vogue”.

Choosing a husky puppy generally follows the same rules as choosing a puppy for any other breed.

Attend a competition or several shows, explore the available information, chat with other owners, get to know the dogs.

The main thing that distinguishes a good breeder is his desire to raise a healthy, intelligent, hardy dog. And the color and color of the eyes of a husky puppy are secondary.

In a husky, gender rarely determines the future temperament. Many males are obedient, balanced, and gentle. Females can be mischievous and very energetic.

It is best to take a husky puppy aged 2 months or older. Huskies are able to become attached to new owners at any age. Older husky puppies may already be leash, cage, and cleanliness accustomed. However, age is not as important as how the dog was communicated and socialized.

Socialization, healthy genes, a lot of communication, proper care, and training are the keys to making your dog a great friend and companion.

If you are looking for a puppy to participate in shows and breeding, take a closer look at the appearance of the parents, as the baby will look like them. And there are drawbacks that will close the way to the ring for you and your pet. In addition, you should know how to distinguish a purebred husky from a hybrid, and for this, it is better to consult a specialist.

The thoroughbred Siberian Husky is a medium-sized, well-proportioned dog with light and free movement and a good temperament.

Any manifestation of excessive weight, tied or awkward gait, long or coarse coat should be considered faults.

The Siberian Husky should not resemble a heavy draft, however, it is not so light and fragile as to give the impression of a sprinter.

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