The 17 Cutest Golden Retrievers Currently Online

#16 Kind, sweet, affectionate, beautiful, caring, intelligent, faithful breed of dog

A dream, not a dog! Quieter than water, below the grass. Loves children, can look after them. Playful breed. Likes to help people, bring various things. The beauty of the Goldens is off the charts. Care is not particularly difficult, the main thing is to scratch more often. There is a lot of wool, but it is hypoallergenic.

#17 Affectionate, kind, smart

If you are looking for a pet for the whole family, then the Golden Retriever is the most suitable option. An absolutely sociable dog, equally treating all family members, while loving, loyal, and always ready to foresee and fulfill your wishes - this is the Golden Retriever. She is very sensitive to the mood of the owner, she doesn’t get enough when it’s not needed, but if she sees that everything is fine, then brought toys and simply “head-on knees and devoted eyes” are used immediately. And to deny her attention, seeing this look, is simply impossible. In relation to other animals, she is very open and friendly, she does not tolerate any aggression towards herself and simply leaves. At our dog walking area, everyone called her “energizer”. If, when approaching the site, you see dogs bored and walking by themselves, then with the arrival of our girl, the picture changes dramatically. Everyone rushes in a race to meet her, and after some time of sniffing and a friendly greeting in the form of vigorous waving tails, etc., a real dog carousel begins, bringing joy not only to the dogs but also to their owners. Grabbing and swimming is their passion by definition, but when I saw her selflessly digging minks, I was extremely surprised, until now I believed that this was the privilege of dogs of other breeds. And although unlike cats, he does not catch mice, all minks are strictly monitored and controlled. And finally, these are very vulnerable dogs, and physical violence towards them, even in the mildest form (clap with a palm on the face, slap on the ass with a leash), is simply unacceptable. They are already ready to fulfill any of your wishes, you just need to convey them to them more intelligently.

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