The Biker Saved the Kitten and Went with It to Travel

During a trip from Nevada to New Jersey, 32-year-old biker and metalworker Pat Doody made a new friend. The man met a small homeless animal at a gas station and decided to take it with him. Since then, “Party Cat”, as Pat called him, travels with the biker and regularly visits the veterinarian.
We publish a photo story of “Party Cat”.

“I was returning from California for a motorcycle show called Born Free. When I stopped at a gas station, I saw this poor fellow. ”

“He was covered in burns. I picked it up and stuffed it into my waistcoat. ”

“The kitten eats regularly and is already feeling much better.”

“The main part of his life is spent on the road”.

“On the trip, I feed him tuna from packs I buy in stores.”

“When we get home, the Party Cat is eating regular cat food.”

“His burns are almost healed except for a small patch on his lip.”

“He’s very unfazed.”

“When we are on the road, the kitten always sits in my vest.”

“I have never met such a calm cat”.

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