What Can We Learn From Dogs

They say that in the human world there is no love and friendship that would last forever. Unfortunately, today we have lost our highest qualities. And we make excuses to ourselves that, it seems, “life is like this”, and on this Earth, there is already nothing sacred and beautiful. However, this is not at all the case if you look at our pets. Friendship, love, kindness, empathy are concepts that go beyond one kind. This is what we can learn from our dogs: become better, cleaner, brighter, more soulful. It cannot be bought for any money or developed as a skill at fashionable psychological training.

Let’s start learning from our pets right now:


A dog never demands anything from you. She just loves “her man”, whoever you are. All she needs is attention and kindness, a bowl of unpretentious food and, even a leaky one, a roof over her head, or even without it, she will feel good next to her man. Dogs, unlike humans, are very grateful creatures, and love their owners, despite all the hardships and troubles. The dog will never remind you that you have little money or that you are not as beautiful or good at something as someone else. She will just love, without putting any conditions on you. This is unconditional love, simply because you are in this world.

Such love is almost never found between people. Because we have forgotten how to love unconditionally. This is the greatest jewel that each of us needs to learn while being in this world. And a dog for each of us is a guide and teacher of just such divine unconditional love.

Loyalty and Devotion

Many dogs have performed a great feat of loyalty. Sometimes, sacrificing themselves, they saved loved ones from fire and water, from disease and adversity. They are ready to wait for their master for years, even if he will never be able to return. Dogs remain loyal to the end, until the very last beat of their faithful heart. And the evidence of this is the monuments to dogs in different parts of the world, which captured the memory of the loyalty and devotion of these animal heroes, we humans, amazed at their stamina.

We, humans, are optional and can betray anyone at any time, and above all a dog. Just because she is not a person who can fight back. And we will not even feel not only remorse but relief that we have finally got rid of …

These are not actions that can be used to build justice on Earth, which we all yearn for, at least for ourselves. Therefore, one should learn from dogs to be faithful to the end. And start with your pets. Stay loyal to them, do not quit, do not betray – and your life lessons will be passed. And the conscience will be clear, and light will settle in the soul. And with these gifts, believe me, life will become much easier for you.

Friendship and Forgiveness

Being friendly is great for building interpersonal relationships. If you are friends with a person, you can count on him, but … not always. There is a limit beyond which your friend in your relationship will never step over, even if you feel very bad. And many and many of us, despite the assurances of unconditional friendship, have failed more than once, haven’t we? It’s so difficult to give without demanding anything in return. Give every day and not wait for gratitude, no matter how it is expressed.

But dogs can be friends just like no other. Even if a person betrays the dog, offends it or simply upsets it, it is always ready to forgive everything. She will be friends with you and meet you, wagging her tail with joy, smiling and beaming with happiness every day.

Learn from your dog to turn people around you into friends, not enemies. Goodbye resentment and do not remember grief. Leave only good moments in your memory and always come to the rescue, as dogs do, without demanding anything in return. Then you will find among people the same loyal friends to you.


The dog is kind by nature. She will never intentionally harm a person. Only if someone has seriously offended her, subjected her to cruel treatment, or the animal gets sick. Raising a dog correctly and communicating with it in confidence, know that next to you is the kindest creature in the world who will endure everything, fulfill all your requirements and never harm.

As one familiar priest once put it: dogs are the last angels on Earth.


When you feel bad, who comes first to help? Your dog. She will feel your emotions and will immediately come running, nuzzle her knees or palms, look into her eyes, they say, what happened to you … She rejoices and cries along with her beloved master. She is sad when you are sad, she is happy when you are in a good mood.

How long have you been empathizing with a loved one in the same way? Or was he just getting rid of him with the usual polite phrases? Try to be as sincere as a dog, and you will find heaven on Earth.

Ability to Just be Around

She is always there when you sleep, eat, go to the bathroom … You hear her breathing next to you at night, and you feel comfortable in your bed, bad thoughts disappear and everything falls into place. You can feel her furry back close at hand and a warm side near her leg. She’s just silent, but she’s there. Even if everyone left you, and you were left alone in the whole wide world. You have someone to live for. Getting out of bed in the morning, making breakfast … making money after all. You always have someone who needs you. For whom is it worth returning home.

Become that same person for someone who needs you. And you will have meaning in life.

To be Happy

It’s so easy – to fool around in the snow or grass, jump on the couch, as in childhood, run after a balloon … Return joy to your life. Dogs do just that! They do not lose heart, do not pay attention to conventions if you can just enjoy some little thing – snowflakes or sunbeams, clean air, or dry puddles.

Forget about your everyday problems, leave their solution for later. You need to be yourself, enjoy life, as a dog does every day. And you will feel what it means to be happy, moreover, together with your dog. Seize this moment!

Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.

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