What is Dog Scootering?

Active and restless pets need physical activity. If simple walks in the park or agility classes are not of interest to you, look at more active sports. For example, a curious discipline is a dog scooter – racing on a scooter. What kind of sport is this and what kind of pets is it suitable for?

Dog Scootering is a young and still quite rare sport.

Features of dog scootering:

The scooter can be pulled by one dog or two;

The length of the track depends on the specific races, but most often it ranges from 3 to 10 km;

The rider can not only ride the scooter but also kick-off or even run alongside. It is important that he should not be ahead of the dog; it is also unacceptable for the athlete to lose contact with the team;

The winner is the team that came to the finish line first, if we are talking about a mass start, or showed the best time to cover the distance in an individual race.

Sport Equipment

In terms of equipment, a dog scooter is certainly far from the easiest sport. But in many ways, the quality and cost of equipment depending on your goals. If you are not planning a sports career, but want to practice for yourself, then a simple scooter will do.

What Do You Need for Dog Scootering?

A scooter is a special two-wheeled scooter that does not have a motor or electric drive. Its main difference is large diameter wheels. Since the competition is held on rough terrain, this design makes it easier to drive on a dirt road.
The most common are models with a 26-inch front wheel and a 20-inch rear. There are also scooter models with a front-wheel diameter of 29 inches and a rear wheel diameter of 26 inches. These are more suitable for hilly terrain.
The scooter must be equipped with brakes on the front and rear wheels.

As in other sports disciplines, a rider and a pulling dog are connected by a shock-absorbing cord 2.5–3 m long.

A special sports harness is put on the dog. You can buy it in the store or make it yourself.

The irreplaceable attributes of a racer are a suit, helmet, goggles, and gloves. Protective knee pads and elbow pads are also available on request.

Who Can Participate?

Both purebred dogs and mestizos can take part in dog-scooter competitions – the breed does not play a role. The weight of the animal is not important either: even medium-sized pets can pull the scooter.

It is forbidden to participate in competitions of pregnant and lactating dogs, as well as sick animals. A veterinary examination is carried out before each race.

There are also age restrictions, and they apply not only to the animal but also to the racer. So, a pet must be over 18 months old, and a participant who has reached the age of 12 years can ride a scooter with one dog, and with two – 14 years old.

Training Process

Dog scootering is safer than bikejoring and dog carting. At any time, the rider can simply jump off the scooter. However, in order to avoid dangerous situations, it is necessary to train a lot and thoroughly.

You can prepare for the competition on your own if you are confident in your abilities and if you have the appropriate experience. Or you can ask a dog trainer for help. He will make an optimal lesson plan.

Training begins with driving the scooter and training the dog. Gradually, when this is mastered, they begin to skate directly. First, for small distances, then the distance is gradually increased.

If you decide to try your hand at a dog scooter, remember that this is a team sport. The success of a team depends on the well-coordinated work of its members, understanding each other, and mutual respect.

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