Why is My Cat Vomiting Yellow and What Can I Do?

The stomach of cats is no more or less sensitive than that of other animals. There can be harmless causes of cat vomiting, but also some that are dangerous.

Cat Vomits Yellow Shortly

Fatty liver, inflammation of the liver or gallbladder, inflammation of the kidneys or bladder, sepsis, and stress can cause vomiting in cats.

Vaccination reactions, fall injuries, meningitis, epilepsy, tumors, or medication are also reasons.

Overfeeding, wrong or spoiled feed, feed allergy, change of feed, lactose intolerance, poison, gastrointestinal infections, reactions to drugs, parasites, fear, panic or foreign bodies cause sudden vomiting.

If the cat vomits yellow, it is often bile. This happens on an empty stomach and a bacterial or viral infection.

If the Cat Vomits Bile

If the cat vomits and spits yellow, this should always be seen as a symptom of a problem or illness.

Vomiting itself is not a disease.

Foreign body swallowed

The body tries to get rid of something indigestible by vomiting as quickly as possible. It can be a foreign body (see Pica cat).


But it can also be poison or a parasite disease that triggers vomiting, often foam.

Gastrointestinal infections

Gastrointestinal infections or a type of flu are caused by bacteria or viruses. They cause nausea and vomiting in most cases.

Bile and gastric juice

If the cat has nothing left in its stomach, it will vomit up bile. Here it is important that the owner takes the cat to the vet. The inner esophagus is often irritated by the bile. This can also ignite it. If the color is yellow or light yellow, it is either bile or gastric juice that the cat is vomiting. It can also be an infection in the gastrointestinal tract.

Yellow Slime: Does the Cat Need to See the Vet?

If she spits once or twice, she doesn’t need to be presented to the vet directly. But if she vomits more often and without interruption, the vet should be consulted on the second day. Especially when the owner can’t figure out the cause. The veterinarian can use a fecal sample to rule out parasite infestation, such as worms, which can lead to vomiting.

Watch the cat carefully

If a cat has to vomit for a long time or for several weeks, it is a dangerous condition. There may be a narrowing of the sphincter at the exit of the stomach. If the food builds up in the stomach, the cat gets nausea. The condition can often only be remedied by surgery.

Yellow Foam: How to Help My Cat?

In consultation with the veterinarian, the owner can do something good for his cat with home remedies. The esophagus is irritated by frequent vomiting, as well as stomach pain.

Compensate for fluid loss

Above all, the cat needs a lot of rest and should drink enough. Cats can dry out very quickly and collapse as a result.

Light food

Chicken with quark and cottage cheese (not normal cheese!) Would be a light diet for vomiting, similar to diarrhea. Before eating, however, the cat should have a few hours of rest after the last vomiting.

You should not give food that is difficult to digest for 24 hours. Alternatively, cooked rice and vegetables can be used as light foods. However, only small amounts should be fed throughout the day. No matter how much the cat begs.

Our Tip for Yellow Liquids

If a cat vomits, panic is not the order of the day. But if she spits yellow or light yellow and not just once, a veterinarian should be consulted. This is usually due to the stomach or biliary problems that need to be treated.

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