Wild Boar for Dogs: Never Feed Them Raw!

Game meat is easily digestible for dogs and is therefore becoming increasingly popular. However, one wild variety can pose a threat to your four-legged friend: the wild boar. We have summarized for you why you should never give your dog raw wild boar meat and what needs to be considered when feeding your dog.

Wild Boar for Dogs in Brief

The wild boar is the ancestral form of the domestic pig but usually lives in the wild. Therefore, the meat belongs to the so-called hunting game, which is killed by hunters and then processed into meat. Just like their domesticated relatives, wild boars are considered to be potential carriers of diseases that can be life-threatening for dogs. If you want to give your dog wild boar meat, it must be well cooked.

Raw Wild Boar Meat Can Make Dogs Sick

There are always reports of wild boars infected with the dangerous Aujeszky virus. The virus is also called pseudo-rabies because sick animals show symptoms similar to those of rabid animals: damage to the nervous system, excessive salivation, restlessness, refusal to feed, and drowsiness. Severe Aujeszky’s disease is primarily transmitted through raw pork, with both domestic pigs and wild boars being potential vectors.

If the dog becomes infected with the virus, there is an acute danger to life.

Raw wild boar meat can also transmit parasites to the dog, which can lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. We therefore strongly advise against raw wild boar in the dog bowl.

The Dog is Allowed to Eat Cooked Wild Boar Meat

If wild boar meat is cooked well, harmful parasites and other pathogens are usually killed. So there is no danger to the dog from boiled wild boar meat. It is important that you apply the highest level of hygiene when processing wild boar and that your dog does not come into contact with the raw meat. Like all wild varieties, wild boar is also considered to be easily digestible and well suited for dogs that are prone to allergies. However, since the meat is fattier than other game varieties, you should only give your dog in moderation wild boar meat.

Dog Food With Wild Boar as a Safe Alternative

If the preparation of game meat for the dog is too tricky for you, you can simply use ready-made dog food with wild boar. Dry food as well as wet food and dog snacks are available in different flavors and provide the dog with healthy muscle meat, high-quality proteins, important fats as well as vitamins and trace elements without any risk of infection.

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