100+ Awesome Dachshund Dog Names

It is best when the name for the dachshund carries a certain meaning because these animals are distinguished by their quick wits and devotion to their owner. But you can emphasize the features of the dog’s breed, its size, and color with the help of cool names that will come to mind of every owner after the dachshund appears in the house.

Only the owner of the dog can decide how to name the dachshund puppy, although sometimes the name is given by the breeder and you have to come up with an abbreviation, a middle name. But even then, you need to adhere to some recommendations.

Male Dachshund Dog Names


Adrian, Alfie, Amkus, Antonio, Antokha, Apam, Argo, Arnie, Arnold, Aron, Ars, Archimedes, Archibald.

Buddy, Bazi, Bucks, Bucksi, Buxton, Banana, Barney, Butter, Dad, Buch, Benya, Black, Bloom, Bob, Bobik, Boji, Bonik, Boniface, Borya, Boss, Boatswain, Brom, Brunni, Bruno, Bruce, Booba, Bagel, Bentley.

Vind, Valik, Waldi, Vegas, Venya, Verti, Vinnie.

Le Havre, Gal, Harry, Hector, Henry, Hercules, Herman, Gray, Grisha, Gucci, Gynt.

Jazz, Jared, Jack, Jem, Jeff, Jim, Jobs, John, Joof, Diesel, David, Daxter, Daryl.

Jacques, Zhontil, Jora.

Zeus, Zephyr. Eli

Casper, Quarta, Keks, Kelsey, Keenen, Clyde, Clover, Koba, Konrat, Korzhik, Cosmos, Cooper, Curchi.

Leva, Lexus, Lelik, Leon, Leonardo, Linton, Lynch, Locke, Longy, Lot, Lucas, Buttercup.

McKee, Max, Marie, Mark, Marley, Mars, Martyush, Massimo, Meinart, Menjamin, Milord, Mishutka, Morgan, Muscat.

Nathan, Nesquik, Niels.

Ozzy, Oliver, Onegin, Oscar, Osfald.

Patrick, Perea, Pixel, Pete, Plato, Pluto, Paul, Pony, Porsche, Gingerbread.

Rice, Raphael, Rich, Richie, Robert, Roy, Rocky, Roxy, Romik, Ronaldo, Rusik, Ryzhik, Ray, Ram, Rambo, Rambrandt.

Swift, Semyon, Semik, Senya, Sky, Smart, Snowball, Socrates, Spicy, Spicy.

Takki, Taxi driver, Payphone, Payphone, Tatosha, Taylor, Temian, Theo, Timosha, Tolstoy, Tom, Tomik, Torri, Troy, Tundra, Tube, Tyaf.

Weather, Umka.

Fariton, Faust, Fex, Philemon, Philip, Phil, Flex, Fletch, Frank.

Khariton, Harley, Hatton, Holmes. Tsar

Chuckie, Chaplin, Charlie, Charlick, Chester, Chilitos, Chilton, Chip, Chuvachok.

Shadi, Cheyenne, Charles, Sheldon, Shlema, Shmulik, Shonik, Shonya, Shukher, Shusha.

Eddie, Edmund, Axel, Elvis, Andy, Enrique, Ashley.

Yazet, Yard, Yasha, Yashka.

Female Dachshund Dog Names

Adele, Airi, Alfie, Amira, Ariel, Arusya, Astra, Asya, Afi.

Buzzy, Basia, Buffy, Baby, Belka, Berta, Bonika, Bonnie, Bonya, Boska, Brielle, Boo, Busya, Beauty, Belle.

Vasilisa, Vetsta, Viva, Vivienne, Fork, Winky, Vlaska.

Gabby, Galla, Hermione, Giza, Giffy, Greta, Gretta, Grammy.

Dana, Darling, Darcy, Delke, Dzhana, Janna, Janja, Jennifer, Jessica, Jessie, Jila, Jina, Jultta, Dixie, Dilya, Dinya, Donya, Dora, Dosya, Dusya, Debbie, Daisy.

Eve, Christmas tree, Ena.

Jacqueline, Jasmine, Josephine, Zhuzhe, Julia, Junia.

Zara, Zlata, Zolka, Zyuzya, Zyuta.

Ida, Isolde, Iris, Oia.Yoda

Carolina, Kasia, Kelly, Kelsey, Blot, Knop, Coddy, Coco, Croft, Ksyunik, Kendy, Cassie.

Lada, Laima, Lapa, Leila, Leia, Liza, Lily, Leelu, Lina, Lisa, Lissy, Little, Lori, Luna, Lely, Lucy, Lucy, Lyalka, Lyalya.

Miley, Maklya, Malvina, Monkey, Mara, Margot, Marta, Marusya, Masyanya, Matilda, Megan, Mercy, Middie, Mila, Milana, Michelle, Mokka, Molly, Mona, Monica, Monka, Motya, Moulya, Murka, Macy, Marilyn.

Nessie, Nikki, Nicole, Night, Nyasha.

Audrey, Ollie.

Penelope, Pearl, Bullet, Pusya, Bee, Peppy, Paris.

Rocket, Remy, Rozzie, Rosie.

Salma, Sandy, Sunny, Sarah, Sweetty, Silva, Simba, Cindy, Skiley, Scarlett, Owl, Sonya, Sophie, Sprin, Stella, Stephanie.

Taya, Tessa, Thea, Tiara, Tina, Topa, Tuna, Tusilda, Tusya, Cloud, Pumpkin, Tyara.

Fanta, Phoebe, Fig, Fishka, Flora, Foxy, Frau, Fraya, Frosya.

Hannah, Kharya, Hina, Holly, Helen.

Cherry, Chilly.

Shadi, Shakira, Chanelka, Chance, Shanti, Sheila, Shima.

Ellie, Emily, Estelle.

Yuna, Jutta.


If you have not found your pet’s name here, write in the comments, and we will be happy to include it in the list!

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  1. My Dachshund is named Dudley. And we have met other Dudleys. I have been told it suits him from everyone we have met. I hope it will make the list 😊

  2. My mini chocolate dachshund is named Lovee and she fits her name perfectly. Her name was Bella when we rescued her but Lovee is better.

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