Red Dachshund Dog Breed Information

To most people, dachshunds appear as squat dogs with sleek black and tan coats. But few people know that they can still be with hard and long hair. As for the colors, there are even more options. One of the most common, in addition to black, is considered red.

Red Dachshunds – What are They?

The red color is recognized as one of the most popular. Dogs with this color are even more common than black, or, for example, marble or brindle. All shades are characteristic of this suit – from light almost yellow to dark red.

Sometimes red dachshunds may have black stripes on the back, tips of the ears. Likewise, stripes or spots can be scattered throughout the body. This color is usually called deer. This color of wool is very beautiful and attractive, but options without impurities are much more appreciated at exhibitions.

The color of the claws in dogs of this color should be black, as well as the nose. The nails can sometimes be brown, but the former is much better.

Otherwise, the appearance of these dogs is no different from other representatives of the breed. Red dachshunds can be short-haired, with long and coarse coats. Variations in size also cover all acceptable colors.

In addition to the standard color options, dogs with a sable color are increasingly common today. It is quite often confused with red, but they are not the same. Reindeer coat color is not officially recognized. In most cases, it is found in long-haired individuals. A distinctive feature of this color is the heterogeneity of color – at the tips of the hairs, it is much darker than at the roots.

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