12+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is an amazing dog with an awkward gait and sad eyes. Due to its livable character and memorable appearance, it is popular all over the world. The breed was bred for hunting, belongs to the hounds. But now the Basset Hounds live in the house, they are great companions and caring nannies. These dogs are smart, friendly, unpretentious. And due to their medium size, they are ideal for keeping in a city apartment or a private house. The breed has many fans all over the world. Before you get a Basset Hound puppy, you need to understand the features, learn about the pros and cons of these dogs, and study the prices.

General characteristics of the basset hounds

The Basset Hound is an amateur breed. He has an outstanding appearance, at first glance, the impression of a sad and clumsy dog ​​is created. But in fact, he is a tireless hunter, an active companion, and a devoted friend. There are several appearances of the dog, it is easy to distinguish it from similar dogs. It is a massive body with large folds of skin, short legs, long ears, and sad eyes.

The first impression about this dog is deceptive: it seems that it is a lazy, constantly, and constantly sad lump. But under the folds of skin lies the strong body of a hound. Bassetts are playful, run a lot with pleasure, know how to have fun. This is a cheerful, loyal, and very smart dog. Cynologists consider him the smartest of the dogs that live next to humans.

The nature and habits of the Basset Hounds

As mentioned above, Basset Hounds consider themselves equal people. Moreover, living for a long time in one family, the dog adopts the features of the owners and becomes similar to them. There is no doubt that if a basset owner likes to sit in a certain chair, then the dog will lie there too.

Despite the fact that bassets look like fat bumps, they are not at all so in reality. To tell about how to behave tirelessly as a hunter who can run for several hours in a row.

In terms of intelligence, Bassets are very intelligent and independent. They can be stubborn, do not agree with the owner (especially in matters of nutrition). In order to train the basset hound to execute commands, it takes a lot of effort and spends several months on it.

At the same time, this breed of dogs is absolutely non-aggressive. She tolerates the presence of strangers well and makes good contact with dogs of other breeds. But getting a Basset to coexist with cats is not easy. This breed is at odds with the feline family at the genetic level.

Caring for Basset Hounds

It should be said right away that bassets require serious care. This dog is not suitable for beginners or overly busy people. Cynologists say that caring for a Basset Hound is comparable to caring for a baby.

The dog’s coat is short, but this is the main problem of grooming. Firstly, bassets are prone to strong molts twice a year. Therefore, in spring and autumn, during the molting period, the dog needs to be combed out twice a day.

The skin folds of the animal need special care. They become salted extremely quickly and begin to emit an unpleasant musk smell. The dog needs to wipe the skin folds every day. To do this, use a solution of tar soap or a solution of vinegar diluted in water.

Basset’s big and sad eyes also need constant care. They need to be wiped with herbal infusion (green tea or chamomile) as mucous discharge or pus appears.

In addition, an adult Basset hunter needs two walks a day. An hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. If you walk the dog for less time and do not give it the necessary physical activity, then it will quickly lose muscle tone and become obese.

Interesting facts about Basset Hounds

  • Bassets have the longest ears in the canine world. It is officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records. The maximum ear length is 23 cm and belongs to a dog living in the USA. When walking, her ears drag along the ground;
  • For the love of sofas and soft chairs in the UK, the dog is called a couch athlete. Despite this lifestyle, the Basset Hound manages to always be in good physical shape;
  • The dog has a very powerful voice. If you leave her at home alone, then in a few hours all the neighbors will know about her existence. It sounds barking and howl easily penetrates through the floors;
  • Basset Hounds are capable of getting carried away by smells. If the dog liked any smell, then pulling it away from the trail will be very, very difficult. The dog will use all his strength and stubbornness to find the source of the smell he is interested in;
  • Dogs of this breed are also distinguished by sloppiness. If they drink from a bowl, water and drool will scatter within a radius of one meter. Therefore, there are special closed drinking bowls for bassets.


Not everyone likes the unusual appearance of these dogs. But owners of Basset Hounds note that they have many advantages over other similar breeds.

  • This is a devoted friend, companion. He loves to copy the behavior of the owner and always accompany him. The dog will do everything to make the beloved owner happy.
  • Good hunting qualities allow even without special training to use the dog for hunting birds or burrowing animals.
  • These are wonderful nannies, they get along well with children. The Basset Hound will never bite a child, will not hurt him, even if he hurts him.
  • They have a very keen sense of smell. There are about 20 thousand receptors on the nose of these dogs.
  • Dogs of this breed have a balanced, calm character.
  • Bassets are not fussy, not aggressive.
  • Not picky in the diet of most dogs of this breed eat everything.


Before starting a Basset Hound dog, you need to understand that they have disadvantages.

  • These pets love to eat. And due to their physique and low activity, they are prone to obesity.
  • Basset hounds often suffer from diseases of the spine for the same reasons. Long ears dragging along the ground can become inflamed.
  • Loneliness does not tolerate. If you leave your pet for a long time, he will bully, howl. And since the basset has a loud voice, it can cause serious trouble for neighbors with its barking and howling.
  • Bassets are very stubborn. They are intelligent but selfish dogs. If they do not want to do something, it is impossible to force them.
  • These are very slobbering dogs. They drool often, and when they move, they spray.
  • Taking care of a basset is difficult because of the many skin folds.
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