15 Facts About Raising and Training Dachshunds

#7 Don’t be afraid to express your displeasure with your puppy’s misbehavior in a clear and understandable way. The main thing is that your “Fu!” sounded in the case.

#8 Dachshunds are very clean, so it is not difficult to train your baby to relieve himself in the tray.

In time (after sleep, after eating, or if the dog starts to behave restlessly) take the puppy to the toilet. It is clear that he must stand in a specific place. When you start walking outside, you can remove the tray. At the same time, attempts - especially successful ones - to go to the toilet in the apartment to evaluate negatively (in no case punishing), and to encourage the same actions on the street in every possible way.

#9 It is very important in raising a small dachshund to adhere to the regime in feeding, playing, walking.

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