15 Historical Facts About Akitas You Might Not Know

The Japanese Akita Inu dog is a legendary pet in Japan, known to the locals for a long time. Do not confuse the Japanese Akita and the American – they are different dogs. The Japanese Akita Inu originated in northern Japan in the Akita province – this is how the dogs got their name. It is not known for certain when exactly these animals were formed as a breed, however, the first written evidence dates back to the early 17th century. In those distant times, the Akita Inu was used to protect the imperial family.

#1 Literally, the name of the breed is translated as a dog from the Akita province.

#2 These dogs have been living in Japan for more than eight thousand years, as evidenced by archaeological finds and the conclusions of historians.

#3 The ancestors of this breed are the Japanese hunting dogs Matagi Inu.

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