Akita Inu: Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of Akita Inu fit into just a few simple and clear rules. Compliance with them guarantees a long and happy coexistence with your beloved friend.

Akita Inu: Care Rules

Just take note of these simple rules.

Nutrition. Akita Inu has a very specific diet. It is simply vital for the dog to adhere to. If you are not ready to provide your dog with proper nutrition, consider whether this particular breed is worth getting. The nutrition of a dog, like any living creature, primarily depends on what it eats and drinks.

Physical activity. Life is in motion. Akita needs to move. Despite their inner calmness, dogs are energetic and these calories need to be burned.

Haircare. Akita sheds twice a year, strongly, but not for long, up to 2 weeks. During the molting period, you need to comb the dog every day, or better several times a day. Bathing the dog is often not worth it. They are clean by themselves, so the water procedure is only at least necessary. Well, washing your paws is a separate conversation, it does not apply to bathing.

Akita Inus are food allergy sufferers. Keep a close eye on new foods in your puppy’s diet. When introducing a new product, this should be done at intervals of 12 hours. During this time, the reaction will necessarily manifest itself, if any.

Psycho-emotional environment. This is important for Akita, besides, they are prone to aggression and do not get along well with new pets, they are jealous. It is better if the Akita comes to a house where there is already an animal. if you bring a new animal to the territory of the Akita, then you have to sweat.

Personal space. The dog must have its own place, corner, or bed. Otherwise, your bed will become its place, you will sleep on the couch yourself, and the Akita on your pillow, covered with your blanket.

The breed needs training. Not all dogs require discipline, but only those who like to show leadership qualities, Akita is just one of them. If Akita feels weak, then it is unlikely that it will be able to regain its authority, or even more so to defend it. Only blood and sweat.

This is perhaps the most important thing to know. Let your tandem with Akita be harmonious.

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