Akita Inu: Dog Size

For the Akita Inu, as for any purebred dog, there are certain limits for height and weight. This framework is one of the reliable facts confirming the purebreds of the breed.

Akita Inu: Height and Weight

The average weight indicator for an adult male Akita is 30-40 kg, the height of the withers is within 65-70 cm.

Female Akita Inu weighs no more than 30 kg, minimum 20. Its height varies between 59-65 cm at the withers.

The body or torso of the Akita Inu has a rectangular shape, close to a square, the proportions of the height and length of the body are related as 10:11. For females of this breed, there is some backlash along the length of the back, it can be noticeably longer than that of a dog.

Any deviations up or down are considered a defect. However, there is an expert opinion that some overstepping is acceptable due to the remnants of American Akita genetics. In fact, this is not a mixture of bloods from different breeds. This can only play a significant role for show dogs. In this case, it is considered a deviation or not by the panel of judges of the show.

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