Akita Inu: Coat Care

Care of the coat is one of the important factors in the maintenance of the breed. Without proper care, the dog will not look aesthetically pleasing, it may not even be healthy.

Akita Inu Grooming

Grooming includes three stages:

  • washing coat, bathing;
  • combing;
  • a haircut.

To comb out the hair and undercoat of an Akita with high quality, you need to have special brushes:

  • special brush for down care or slicker brush;
  • comb with sparse teeth;
  • a brush for combing, always with natural bristles.

First, a comb thoroughly combs through all the coat, then works with the fluff, collecting all the fallen out with a slicker. Finish the procedure with combing.

How to Bathe

Akita should be completely bathed no more than a couple of times a year. This is done at any time of the year except winter. The best time for swimming is before and after winter. Of course, you can bathe the dog in case of emergency, when the coat is very dirty and needs cleaning.

You can use a hairdryer to dry the coat, but not for long. Otherwise, there is a risk of overdrying both the hair and the skin of the pet.

There are special products for bathing and caring for the breed’s coat. They should be used. They gently cleanse and nourish, take care of the pile and skin.

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to accustom the dog to hygiene, grooming, and all procedures from an early age.

This must be done carefully so as not to cause fear and panic in the pet. This may affect his further perception of such procedures.

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