15 Historical Facts About English Bulldogs You Might Not Know

The English Bulldog has a glorious history. The genealogical roots of this legendary breed go back to huge dogs that have lived in the territory of modern Greece from time immemorial, where they were used to guard and hunt large animals.

It is known that similar dogs were found in the territories of other states. For example, there were rumors about dogs of a frightening size, with which lions were hunted in India. During excavations, it was found that large guard dogs existed in Mesopotamia, among the Etruscans, among the Celts, and in Ancient Rome.

#1 Since the 13th century in the British Isles, bulldog-bull fights (bull-baiting) were considered a popular pastime and attracted people of all classes.

#2 In 1576. Dr. Kais, the physician of Elizabeth I, gave a description of the bendog (as he called the dog he saw with a strong bone, huge and terrible, with a stubborn and impatient character, which was kept in chains and chains).

#3 Mention about the closest ancestors of the bulldog can be found in Shakespeare’s “King Henry VI”, where the author also calls dogs bendogs.

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