15 Interesting Facts About Corgis

Small, stubborn, funny-looking dogs. They won the hearts of the British a long time ago, but in Poland, they are still considered a little-known and rare breed.

Welsh Corgi are even-tempered and gentle dogs with people and other animals. They are characterized by high intelligence, are quick learners, and enjoy learning both desirable and less desirable behaviors. Corgi needs a solid and consistent caregiver who can set boundaries for the puppy. Otherwise, Corgi will quickly learn that he is a master in the house, making decisions about everything independently. On the other hand, dogs of this breed are emotional and sensitive. Conditions should be set in a gentle manner, no coercive methods should be used as Corgi can shut themselves up and explode at the least expected moment. Properly managed, they are suitable for practically any apartment, even the smallest. They like visitors and the hustle and bustle of home. They bond quickly with their caregivers, are eager to show love, and dislike breakups – which has to do with their strong herd instincts. Corgi loves people of all ages, creates great relationships with babies.

#1 Corgi belong to the group of herding dogs that herd cattle, sheep and horses.

The origin of both the Pembroke and Cardigan breeds is not fully known, but it is certain that Corgis are a very ancient breed. Their home country is Wales, where they say they have always been. The first records of these dogs date back to 920, and by the 17th century, the Pembroke and Cardigan were grouped together as one breed, divided into only two types - tailed and tailless. Only in the 20th century, in 1934 to be precise, they were separated into two breeds. Their crossing was forbidden.

#2 Welsh Corgis have a strong, stocky body structure.

Corgi has a large head compared to the rest of the body, and attached are large, straight ears with rounded ends. Your eyes are round and dark in color, they should not be convex. The chest is very strong, broad, and deep, its front area is clearly defined. The elongated torso with a straight back is set on short and straight legs. They end with so-called cat paws. The tail should form an extension of the back line.

#3 The body weight of the Corgi should be between 10 and 12 kg and the height at the withers should be about 30 cm.

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