16 Amazing Facts About Corgis That Will Blow Your Mind

The drover dogs of Wales may have descended from Viking dogs. Short-legged dogs duck under kicking cattle hooves, spring forward, pinch the unruly bull’s bonds again and dodge the fatal kick with lightning speed. On the farm, they keep rats and mice short, herd the cattle, guard the property.

Corgis are always alert, always on duty. The intelligent, medium-sized, short-legged dog is self-confident, powerful, and needs consistent training and activity. He always questions the hierarchy in the family and knows how to push through what he puts his mind to!

The watchful dog is not overly aggressive and easy to deal with children. A low-maintenance, delightful pal for the whole family! The Pembroke is occasionally born with a shortened tail. The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a bit more settled in temperament.

#1 The lover of the breed is Queen Elizabeth II, who got her first Corgi dog as a child.

#2 A fairy tale has also arisen about it – Corgi, the queen’s dog.

#3 The Corgi’s way of maintaining order in a guarded herd is by pinching the animals at the manacle.

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