Queen Elizabeth Royal Dogs: The English Queen Loves Corgis

Queen Elizabeth’s preferred breed of dog is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The animals are originally from Wales in Great Britain and only reach a height of just under 30 centimeters. Read now why the queen has dearly loved the agile four-legged friends since she was 18.

The Queen’s Corgis

  • The Queen has owned corgis and dorgis since she was a teenager. They are one of the small breeds of dogs and are vigilant and loyal.
  • The dogs are pampered in the royal family.
  • The Queen currently has Candy and Fergus the dorgis and Muick the Corgi.

The Queen’s Dogs 2021


After one of the Queen’s last two dorgis, Vulcan, died at the end of 2020, only Dorgi Candy watched over Windsor Castle. A situation that changed in March 2021: Then the Queen got two new puppies.

A Dachshund-Corgi mixed breed named Fergus, named after her uncle Fergus Bowes-Lyon, who died in 1915. And a little corgi named Muick. It bears the name of one of the Queen’s favorite spots on her Scottish Balmoral estate, Loch Muick.

Royal Corgis: Corgis and Dorgis Over the Years

The Queen owned more than 30 dorgis and corgis. The difference between the two breeds in a nutshell: Corgis are pedigree dogs that like to bark. They have short legs and fox-like features. A dorgi is a mixed breed. It is a cross between a Dachshund and a Corgi.

Dogs have always been welcomed in the English royal family. There is a comprehensive book with great pictures of the Queen’s dogs and other royal family members. By the way:

  • Queen Victoria’s favorite dog was “Boy”, a dachshund.
  • William and Kate have chosen a Cocker Spaniel and named it Lupo.
  • Harry and Meghan have two dogs: a beagle and a labrador.

Names of the Queen’s Dogs

The names of the Queen’s favorite dog breed were mostly short and sweet. Nevertheless, the monarch showed a lot of creativity. Here is a selection of dog names:

  • Heather
  • Honey
  • Emma
  • Sherry
  • Berry
  • Gryffindor
  • Candy (Dorgi)
  • Vulcan (Dorgi)
  • Brandy
  • Sugar
  • Monty
  • Swift
  • Dookie – that was the Queen’s first corgi
  • Harris
  • Whisky
  • Phoenix
  • Cider

Whisper, her last Corgi, for the time being, died at the age of 12 in October 2018.

A year later it became known that the Queen wrote an emotional letter after the dog died.

Royal Dog Life: Queen Spoils Her Corgis

Raisin rolls for breakfast

The Queen’s dogs are pampered. Any veterinarian would forbid it, but the English Queen got her way. She treats the corgis to raisin rolls with cream and strawberry jam – and the dogs love this unhealthy and unreasonable treat. Of course, they are served on a silver platter.

At the table, the Queen likes to let leftovers disappear in the direction of the dog. Once Corgi gets something off the table, it won’t be easy to get him used to beg again.

Royal expert Penny Junor writes in her book “All The Queen’s Corgis”:

“Whenever the Queen can, she feeds her dogs herself, it’s an evening ritual for her.”

State visits

Since corgis need a lot of exercises, Elizabeth occasionally even took them with her on state visits abroad.

Dogs of the Queen: Pictures Went Around the World

The Queen without corgis or any other dogs – that is almost unthinkable for the tabloid press. One of the Queen’s corgi died in early 2018. Willow, a corgi lady, had cancer and had to be put to sleep for this reason.

Queen Corgis in Series and Films

The corgis can also be seen in the hit Netflix series The Crown.

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