15 Realities That New Akita Inu Owners Must Accept

Akita Inu is spitz-like dogs bred in the north of Japan (Akita prefecture). They have a muscular build and thick short hair. The character is dominant, independent, requiring persistent training and a respectful attitude. This breed is suitable for experienced dog breeders, calm, self-confident people. There are two lines, sometimes classified as different breeds: the Akita Inu (“authentic” subspecies) and the American Akita.

Akita Inu does not like other dogs, especially his own gender.

Proper upbringing, long-term socialization, competent training are extremely important, otherwise, the animal is able to grow up aggressive.

They are noble and restrained, but only when they recognize the owner as of the unconditional leader.

#1 He believes that the sofa belongs to him

#2 * Must guard my tiny little man *

#3 I need to make sure this glove is dead before I return it to my man.

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