15 Realities That New Rottweiler Owners Must Accept

The body length of Rottweilers is slightly greater than their height, which varies from 55 cm for small females to 70 cm for large males. They weigh from 36 to 54 kg.

The Rottweiler is a weighty dog with a large head, tight-fitting, and slightly drooping ears. He has a strong square muzzle, but due to his drooping lips (wings), he sometimes drools. The Rottweiler should always be black with reddish-brown tan markings. The ideal coat is short, dense, and slightly coarse. Sometimes “fluffy” puppies appear in the litter, but they are not allowed to participate in exhibitions. The tails are docked very shortly, ideally up to one or two caudal vertebrae.

Rottweilers mature rather slowly, which is typical for large breeds. Many reach full adult growth only by 2–3 years of age, although this usually occurs by the first year. Such dogs will still have time to get fat and align the chest and eventually become those large dogs that we are used to seeing.

#1 Life is cool when you’re so cute

#2 Well are we going?

#3 He carries his favorite toy with him everywhere.

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