15 Reasons Rottweilers Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

The Rottweiler is an ideal protective dog. It is this dog who is even able to sacrifice his own life, protecting his master and his family members. Someone compares Rottweilers with heroes of popular blockbusters for their strength, courage, determination, and ruthlessness. The Rottweiler has versatile service qualities, these brave dogs have long been used in the police, army, guardians of private territories, and even in the transportation of heavy loads. Combining the seemingly opposite qualities of a serious and stern protector from the dangers of the outside world, together with manifestations of gentleness, tenderness towards their loved ones, the Rottweiler today is an excellent companion and is very loved by many dogs breeders all over the world.

But is this really true? Let’s get a look.

#2 And hate being with you.

#3 Like really hate being with you.

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