16 Amazing Facts About Irish Wolfhounds You Might Not Know

Beautiful and presentable exterior, become and muscularity of the Irish wolfhound attract attention, and balanced temperament, natural good nature, and devotion make these unique dogs favorite of professional breeders and amateur dog breeders.

#1 One of the gentlest dog breeds, the giant Irish wolfhound has a rich and old history – full of amazing facts you probably never knew!

#2 Bred for their tall stature, they were used to knock knights off their horses in Ireland where they were used as war dogs as well as hunting dogs.

#3 The great Irish chief Fionn mac Cumhall did not even use horses or chariots but instead was said to have two hounds for every foot soldier. The Chief himself is said to have had over two hundred adult hounds.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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