16 Facts About Raising and Training Shiba Inu Dogs

Due to the nature of the character, raising a Shiba Inu is not an easy task. It is important for the owner to assert and constantly maintain authority. A branded smile can melt the heart of even a very strict owner.

#1 Age up to a year is the most important period of a dog’s socialization. In the first year of life, the owner must have time to lay the basic habits and skills of Shiba Inu.

#2 Training is reduced to three tasks: cleanliness, education, communication with other animals.

The cleanliness of the Japanese Shiba dog

Shiba Inu are clean by nature, but puppies need time to get used to the toilet.

#3 A purebred Siba dog is vaccinated up to 3 months – during this period, you cannot walk with the puppy.

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