16 Historical Facts About Corgis You Might Not Know

Contemporaries often adorned the stories of many breeds with beautiful details that had nothing to do with reality. The history of the emergence of the popular Welsh Corgi Pembroke breed is no exception. Let’s try to figure out where the real facts are, and where is a beautiful fairy tale.

#1 According to Welsh legend, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi became a gift to humanity from grateful fairies.

These winged creatures have chosen the corgi as their sled dogs. Legend has it that this is why the modern corgi has a darker coat on its back - in shape, this spot resembles the very saddle used by the fairies. For what humanity received such a generous gift from fairies, the legend is silent. Another, no less fabulous story, about peasant children who found two fox-like puppies on the branches of a tree. Having brought them home, they learned from the adults that these were not foxes at all, but small dogs, which were ridden on horseback or in carts by magic fairies.

#2 But seriously, this breed is very ancient.

#3 From the name, it is clear that its origin belongs to the county of Wales, or rather, to the Pembrokeshire district, where the ancestors of these dogs lived in the X-XI centuries.

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