16 Historical Facts About Samoyeds You Might Not Know

The Samoyed Laika is the oldest medium-sized dog breed with a completely white and soft coat. According to the RKF classification, the breed is included in the “Spitz and primitive breeds” group. The first mentions of white long-haired dogs were found in the Samoyed language. The dogs kept by the Samoyeds were called Samoyed. This is how the name of the breed appeared. In ancient times, Samoyed huskies were used as transport and for hunting.

#1 The homeland of the Samoyed is Siberia and the North of Russia.

#2 This breed received its name from the aborigines – the Samoyed tribes (Samoyeds), the ancestors of the modern Nenets, Nganasans and Enets, who lived in these regions.

#3 It is believed that the southern Samoyed tribes bred dogs of different colors: white, black and brown. 4. The history of the Samoyed dog breed is about three thousand years old.

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