16 Pictures That Prove Chihuahuas Are Perfect Weirdos

Chihuahua has a manner of very high to hold a moderate length of the tail, which is either curved or forms a semicircle with the tip directed towards the lumbar region. The tail is flat in appearance, of medium length; wide at the base, gradually tapering towards the tip. The unacceptable position between the hind legs, as well as a tail curled below the line of the back. The coat of the tail depends on the variety and is in harmony with the coat of the body. In long-haired Chihuahuas, the hair on the tail forms a dewlap. At rest, the tail is lowered and slightly curved. For a Chihuahua male, a square shape is preferable. A female dog may have a more stretched body due to reproductive function.

#1 Tell your dog I said hi.

#2 Dude, where’s my ball?

#3 Will work for treats!

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